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Poison Paradise

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  1. the way its worded, PLUS it being posted after all of igloos rants the same day. come on. eggs still hasnt learned her lesson to not run her mouth on twitter after how many other occurrences? let the shade and backlash commence. you done girl.
  2. All Youtube Videos From The 8Th Leg

    im glad to see more of the april 17th show, i went that night. the band slayed more than usual too, specifically slave, s&s/boys, and do somethin. i hope the dvd gets that kinda audio treatment tbh.
  3. Unreleased Album Cover?

  4. Iggy Tweets About Pg Floppage :gloria:

    slay pretty gorls
  5. Have You Ever Talk To Someone Who Stated To Have Rebellion

    all ive gathered from that paragraph is that youre a selfish prick.
  6. Charlie Ebersol 'has Been Torn Up' Over Britney Spears Split

    britney the workaholic
  7. I'm Actually Excited For Leg 7

    I really think a new song is added or replacing one from the opening set (please be womanizer) practicing new choreography in her stage outfit is my theory.. her hair was too messy for it to have any relation to a superbowl ad no meltdown if its nothing tho.
  8. What Did Britney Say Here? [Rare Onyx Video]

    she was. she came to my town the next show and was still sick, she also stated it on trl cause she premiered everytime that day and was all stuffy on the phone. still slayed tho.
  9. Video Of Britney's Costume Ripping During Freakshow

    yassss shitco shitco yasssss, slay with your walmart material.
  10. Is There A Higher Quality Of The Photo Jamie Lynn Posted

    the injustice
  11. like okay i found this, but its still so small its just so good
  12. main page William Orbit Working With Britney?

    cant wait for another alien remix with a side of meltdowns
  13. Are We Just Going To Ignore This...?

    that jackass also posted a cropped itz photo claiming it to be an outtake.. expect nothing.
  14. While Pooping...

    doing hold it against me hair flips >>>>>