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  1. Look What My Friend Got Me!

    WHAT DATE ARE YOU GOING GIRL?!? i'm going this friday!!
  2. if Britney stays in Vegas 2018

    I want a tour. I can't take my 15 yrold sister to vegas so this bitch needa tour

    @Daydream, Mariah's fantasy YES! THANK YOU! I will try to sell at the show but I want to sell it before. It would be cool to go to the show with someone on here
  4. Guys, I have 1 ticket for sale! My friend couldn't go! I know its super last minute but if anyone wants to sit next to me VIP Reserved 25 | Row A Retail: $415 My price: $350 Stubhub Listing No. 1269233936 Email: [email protected]
  5. Myah sang Stronger vocals for this bitch!!!

  6. Remembering Britney Spears's Short-Lived Punk Tour

    I MISS 2007 BRITNEY </3 she wasn't crazy until people told her she was crazy and broke down! I wanna party with 2007ney!! SHE WILL FOREVER BE THE MOST ICONIC BRITNEY EVER!!! GIMME MORE WAS THE BEST SONG OF THE DECADE! IT'S BRITNEY BITCH!!!
  7. Fanta of Love: The Official Universe Song Rate (pt 2)

    hurry up. I have Giime more playing and I needa vote before my ratchetness goes away.
  8. Is this real or fake mic-feed?

  9. Is this real or fake mic-feed?

  10. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    making mixes bby. http://andrewmelonsuniverse.tumblr.com/
  11. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Feel like this an appropriate place to place this link. http://andrewmelonsuniverse.tumblr.com/post/154317425146/till-the-world-ends-exclusive-soundboard
  12. damn, good set list tbh. I'm down for this
  13. Slumber Party (Nick* Remixes)

    Get on this Shhhhhhit!
  14. Bring back these vocals for POM show

    those aren't the opps vocals bby
  15. Bring back these vocals for POM show

    I'm talking about Femme Fataleney thou.