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    Not That Innocent
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    [loh-key-shuhn] Noun. A place of settlement, activity, or residence
  1. Happy Birthday ohmygracious!

  2. 19 ways to handle an awkward situation

    Haha aww! Nah I'm only okay-funny... YOU'RE SWEET!
  3. 19 ways to handle an awkward situation

  4. Favourite songs from Britney Jean?

    Alien Till It's Gone Don't Cry Hold on Tight Work Bitch and sometimes ISBE 'cause it's been growing on me don't judge meeeeee
  5. 19 ways to handle an awkward situation

    The "cool, cool" part tho!!
  6. Why the blonde wig?

    That wig with the weird hairline needs to go
  7. Mario and Britney...

    Omgggggggg every inch of that body looks FLAWLESS I need his cupcakes, they look delicious He looks delicious Oh I can't breathe (sorry for using your avi Adri, it was the first gif I saw and found apt )
  8. Britney will be attending to the PCA

    :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake:
  9. Justin Bieber's movie BOMBS, doesn't even make it into the Top 10 at the Box Office

    flopflopflop He had a nice voice when he was younger and I actually thought he was pretty talented! ........But now he's just a little manbitch tbh
  10. What type of kiss do you like the most?

    Yes french kisses rule Also, when cuddling with your partner and you turn at the same time, catching each others' eyes, he then plants a soft playful kiss on your lips/nose - that's like heaven to me too gawdsoembarrassed
  11. Lets be friends

    We could be friends yes Waveeees!
  12. To All The Real Britney Fans

    WILL CRAFT LETTER NAO!! I love this thread and this idea and the lovely people who came up with it Thanks for creating something so wonderful for Brit! She's gonna be so touched by all this :britneycryingdfcuerfsgi: :britneycryingdfcuerfsgi: