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  1. Happy Birthday enzo!

  2. Her energy, enthusiasm, and attitude tonight were all on-point!! I hope she brings it tonight at the BBMAs.
  3. New Radio Update! (+1)

    Pretty Girls has also fallen to #3 on iTunes. I wonder how Pretty Girls will debut on the Billboard Hot 100.
  4. She looks beautiful! I wish she mentioned Pretty Girls though
  5. Pretty Girls (Chart Positions)

  6. The Official Version

    It really does. Can't wait to hear it on the radio!
  7. SHE WAS ON FIRE. I hope she brings this kind of energy and enthusiasm to the BBMAs!
  8. Tonight On The Voice France

    I liked it! I usually hate covers of Everytime because people tend not to do the whispery thing that Britney does so well in the song, but I think she did great!
  9. Alternative Britney Albums Covers

    I love the FF one!
  10. I love the addition of the guitar/bass to this part! Makes it sound edgier and more urgent.
  11. She looked absolutely beautiful and radiant tonight. This is the best she's looked on a residency show tbh.
  12. She looked so beautiful today. And her advert! I didn't understand what it was for BUT I'M STILL SLAYED