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  1. They're up here in Gothenburg (Sweden) as well She's stunning!
  2. Tour For Britney Jean

    same it got that same euphoric feeling as ttwe
  3. Britney Unreleased Songs*

    I'll remember you was never intended for Britney Galantis confirmed it on their twitter
  4. Song vs. Song

    Hot as ice vs. Autumn goodbye
  5. Song vs. Song

    Perfect Lover vs. My Only Wish
  6. Worst Song On Femme Fatale?

    Big fat bass is the worst but How I roll is the most annoying, big fat bass would've been so much better if it had the structure of a normal song, it's so damn repitive. When does the chorus even begin Sounds like the chorus is the bridge and the verse is some kind of intro... I don't even know
  7. Pom's Most Underrated Performance

  8. Pom's Most Underrated Performance

    Maybe I think it comes under the shadow of BOMT tho. I don't think they should've mashed together two of her biggest hits that way.
  9. Pom's Most Underrated Performance

    ...has to be Oops tbh Simple yet tasteful and classy. The leotard make her look skinny af as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLc7qnGvPH8 and the breakdown they added a while ago is awesome! Breakdown at 2:51 What do you think? Edit: The thing they do with the fabric is kinda weird tho
  10. If Britney Does Pop Rock...

    One of my fave songs, would really want her to do more of this R&B-ish pop rock
  11. Break The Ice Was On Fire Last Night

    BTI was magical! I wish she would start doing the choreo for the second GM chorus and the first POM Chorus
  12. Whats Your Fave Britney Album As An All :-*

    ITZ and my faves are shadow, breathe on me, touch of my hand and the answer