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  1. Make Me Conspiracy Theories

    I want to believe it but...........it's team britney
  2. Bbma's Pre Recorded?

    I'm not surprised
  3. first picture so beautiful and her make up is finally good
  4. Which Britney Shows Have You Attended?

    The Circus Starring and Femme Fatale both in Helsinki, Finland
  5. I Need Your Help! (Pg Related)

    Thank you
  6. http://www.voice.fi/radio/ensireaktio/ensireaktiossa-britney-spears-iggy-azalea-pretty-girls/26/73693 Finnish radio station is asking if Pretty Girls is good or not. Please vote Kyllä! (that means yes) If it gets a lot of yes votes they will probably play it more.
  7. I'm Still Mad...

    I agree. The song is flawless
  8. Fav 3 Songs Of Each Album?

    BOMT btmyh, bomt, I will be there Oops OIDIA, Stronger, Can't make you love me Britney Cinderella, Overprotected, I run away ITZ Everytime, The hook up, MATM remix Blackout Gimme more, Break the ice, Piece of me/Everybody Circus Circus, Shattered Glass, Unusual you/IUSA Femme Fatale TTWE, IWG, Inside Out Britney Jean Alien, Till it's gone, Passenger
  9. http://www.buzzfeed.com/iramadison/46-thoughts-about-britney-spears-iggy-azaleas-cover-art-for?utm_term=4ldqpia#.us7QZ8Yov I hope this isn't ap
  10. I LOVE IT I want that version too
  11. Britney's Best Casual Outfits

    the first one is perfect
  12. Top 5 Midtempo/ballads?

    omg this is just way too hard Born to make you happy Everytime Alien Someday Shadow I also loooove DLMBTLTK, Criminal, Strangest love and I run away
  13. horrible...just horrible
  14. Born To Make You Happy Is So Underrated

    me too
  15. Born To Make You Happy Is So Underrated

    IT IS!! BTMYH is in my top 5 Britney songs