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  1. her team confirmed to us that this is a 100% true. we would have never posted it, we asked them before posting, thats what we normally do before posting anything.

    i think its a voting chart and was just sent over. I don't think they played it at all.
  3. Make Me Snippets (FAKE!)

    this is so old....
  4. @RebellionBrit Is A Two-Faced Bitch!

    we have someone that always proofs everything that is the thing.
  5. @RebellionBrit Is A Two-Faced Bitch!

  6. RebellionBrit, What's good?

    i honestly have no idea. Some people live off drama and feel the need to start unnecessary shit for no reason. Yeah the staff and I are going to speak about it. Thanks for having our back
  7. @RebellionBrit Is A Two-Faced Bitch!

    he is so dramatic to be honest, like i even reached out to him and said it was a simple error but nope he had to go all the way dramatic and post it on exhale. I find it so funny because if we said the wrong things the video would have never been removed. Now he looks like an idiot because the video was removed and we were right about it not being the greatest video.
  8. RebellionBrit, What's good?

    also i find it so funny how the video was REMOVED.
  9. Britney was in tears after her performance

    ok where is the link to this i was going to post this but i need the source link
  10. Willie Gomez sounds fed up...

  11. Britney to guest star on Modern family?

    she loves this SHOW! i told lynne she needs to guest star on this show!!!

    I AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS, even though i am not one of those people who called britney a has been because i would never but i agree with all of this!!! BUT DONT LEAVE PLEASE!!!!!