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  1. Top 3 Songs from each Era

    ...baby one more time crazy born to make u happy - (i don't know hy ) don't go knockin on my door can't make you love me when your eyes say it i'm a slave for you cindirella bombastic love toxic i've just began over to you my prerogative do something gimme more piece of me + why should be sad outta this world + let go (sorry) seal it with a kiss gasoline trip to your heart + he about to lose me work bitch alien now that i found you
  2. can i vote for her if i already voted for 2 girls from cat. 2? She is gorgeus
  3. Why do I eat so much

    Try Insanity, it's hard but y'll see results very fast even with your current diet, or hire a professional trainer - he will help u choose fit plan and special diet. U can do it. u need just a month to get used to a new lifestyle, and you'll be much healthier and fitter. finger crossed
  4. 1.1 & 1.4 2.3 & 2.4 - only 9 girls in competition - wtf - slay girls 3.4 4.1 & 4.6 5.1 6.1 7.1 8.2 9.5 10.2 (just kiddin) - 10.6 11.3 & 11.4
  5. Hottest Britney Army Member Awards - Universe version HBAMA2014

    i can join - theres too much boys
  6. Here to promote my awkward Music Video.

    taking care of kids is a good thing I blame everything on sister tho
  7. i dont want that kind of career.
  8. It was sarcasm lolu
  9. YES U'RE DUMB. u can fuck in many ways - not only in the manner with which to think. but ok - u had quick love relationship with the builder. read some books and stop whoring gurl
  10. p.s. i'm smarter than u because i said so moron
  11. i have no life? - didn't u just posted on universe how construction builder fucks u :DD and didn't u said about your threads about sex on exhell you're pathetic. better stick with the builder, he can handle your stupidy
  12. It didn't make me wise person, because I'm smart and you're not. U post this thread for our pleasure, so i can post in here whatever i want. Stop being ridiculous dreamer
  13. i'm no anglel, u're just stupid person, that's all
  14. sweet - but next time made up something more interesting and bigger than this tiny, heartbreaking novel. Have fun sweetie
  15. Let us all know next time u gonna have sex or borderlined rape- we wanna read about it so bad don't skip any details