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  1. #luini4Mods

  2. Do You Like The Pretty Girls Mv?

    It's just perfect I love seeing Britney like that she's just so cute, the video is flawless, the song is flawless Britney is flawless, it's exactly what I needed, I couldn't have expected something better I mean it's Britney so it can only be flawless
  3. Whatsapp Group

    Since I don't know a lot of ppl on here i'm in
  4. Whatsapp Group

    Since I don't know a lot of ppl on here i'm in
  5. Let You Thoughts On Pretty Girls Here

    I'm not a huge fan of Little Mix but they have some good songs anyway it's not gonna be their song but Britney's song so we'll see because i'm not a huge fan of LM but i'm a huge fan of Britney and I'm just dying to hear new music from Britney so
  6. OMG! Emily this is u :o stop having sex with Paige and talk to me u bitch :gloria: jk lol

    1. THE Brooklyn

      THE Brooklyn

      Lol, Hanna stop being jealous of Paige, I know you love me... :hug:

  7. Omg that's amazing I understand why she wants time for album 9, I'm so happy for her this is amazing news, it made my day
  8. What's Your Most Played Britney Song On Itunes?

    My Prerogative, by far
  9. I Cant With This Scream And Shout Performance

    I remember watching it when it aired on TV and since Britney wasn't here I expected that they would just do it without her and then seeing Alizée I was like Now I look back and I think that it was a joke
  10. main page Happy 6Th Anniversary To The "circus Tour"!

    Omg I can't believe I went to this 6 years ago already, I still remember every detail like it was yesterday still best day of my life so far Happy bday Circus Tour
  11. Britney Slaying The Attitude Last Night!

    are we still married ? all this time i missed you i'll need a big present diamonds
  12. Britney Slaying The Attitude Last Night!

    I miss you too We used to be married and i'm not Brook it's Brooklyn for you
  13. Britney Slaying The Attitude Last Night!

    I know it's you Luis
  14. Britney Slaying The Attitude Last Night!

    Omg that's the cutest thing I've ever seen
  15. main page Taryn Manning: "i Would Do Crossroads 2!

    Omg this would be epic Britney winning her first Oscar and stuff