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  1. Price for the vinyl is still crazy.
  2. So If we are denying Just Luv Me then we should deny whole Femme Fatale, every track does not sound like Brit but like a robot!
  3. Did Myah BG in Clumsy?

    Stop with that Myah shit, it's getting bored. At least wait for HQ track, not some shitty half assed radio rip.
  4. Just Love Me versus Clumsy

    I denied to choose untill we got full HQ tracks.
  5. Because he doesn't know shit about VMA.
  6. That "too hot, im a mum now' fuckery needs to stop. They hired David fuckin Lachapelle, he don't give a fuck about anything, he got an idea how the video will look and Brit team accepted that idea, he's certainly not going to cut off "too hot" scenes like they cut scenes in Perfume. Re-shooting rumors are total fuckery too. Third thing is that Make Me was scheduled to be out yesterday and they rush released this, I guess they thought that they have like two weeks to do the editing. Maybe they're still editing video? Or it's ready to be posted? Who knows
  7. debuting at #19, is that true?

    It's a prediction. Very accurate prediction. I'm 100% sure that it;s going to peak higher later, it's already doing great on streaming and radio, increasing every day.
  8. So I made an official complaint to the BBC

    Oh right, one complain will change their minds for sure! I can imagine them "Oh shit, a complain, our radio is on the risk, we need to play that Britney song" People, please. Would be better for her to rush her ass to the UK radio or make a simply phone call interview, then they will play her.
  9. So I made an official complaint to the BBC

    I truly can't with some of you.
  10. There's not but it was confirmed that she recorded it.
  11. Xeno didn't produce nothing particular great since 2013.
  12. Happy Birthday Veis!

  13. I Definitely Forgot That We're Waiting For These...

    My is I Don't Care tbh
  14. I Definitely Forgot That We're Waiting For These...

    Let it go, Only Human promo is over Sad at OH underperforming. Album and single tbh.