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  1. Why Doesn't Britney Get Any Recognition

    With all respect, I think Britney needs to show she cares to be recognized... How can the industry respect/ recognize a singer who doesn't sing on her own album, hasn't sung live in 10 years on stage... Not to mention the lazy dancing... I think if Britney sang live, upped her dancing, showed she cares about her art, the world would fall in love with her again... One can only dream...! No hate, I love Brit Brit...
  2. Posible Collab Rumor (With Adam Lambert)

    I doubt if it's true... BUT Britney, no! Pls no!!
  3. Onyxney Is Dat Chu?

    ??????!! Besides the BTI breakdown, it's walkney armney pulluppantney with a bit of energy. Onyxney wouldn't even perform like this at rehearsals Love Brit Brit but lets not be delusional here
  4. New M&g Pic?

    She looks good - it's just the wig that makes her look a bit odd... I don't know why she wears those damn ugly wigs. BUT her face & make up is good!
  5. True. But in Britney's case that's when she was breaking down... 2 months later she shaved her head etc etc
  6. NYE - end of 2006. Apparently at the time they said she gut really drunk, vomited and had to be carried away... It was rumours, no photos or anything But that was when she was unraveling
  7. Onyxney Facial Expressioney Slays

    She was hotttt
  8. September 7Th In Britney's Life :)

    Ps in the second 2004ney photo you can see Adnan Galib chasing her. Creep.
  9. September 7Th In Britney's Life :)

    Her abs in 2000!! Out of control
  10. August 23Rd In Britney's Life ( Credits To Ooh-Ooh Britney )

    I remember 2004! She was slammed in the media for looking "trashy" and going to the bathroom barefoot! That's when the media and public started turning against her and were shocked with her new "trashy" image...
  11. Songs By Beyonce That You Wish Britney Recorded