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  1. RT @sincerelyybreee: Them: They shooting! Me: https://t.co/y6aUn3Tj63

  2. RT @jadapsmith: @TiffanyHaddish @girlstripmovie @goldenglobes Girls Trip was one of the most successful films this summer & Tiff was hands…

  3. @kmichelle Run Don't Walk

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  5. RT @virtualcry: me trying to blend in as a robot when sophia the robot takes over the world https://t.co/x1yOPWLH7j

  6. RT @BetteMidler: Tomorrow is my birthday. I feel like this video was a gift from the universe to me. Geraldo may have apologized for his t…

  7. #mcm https://t.co/g0O43L81D0

  8. RT @ItsJeffLe: now that i have your attention i want to share that mental illness is not a stigma. if you’re struggling tonight just know y…

  9. No task is out of the question today. You’ll figure out a way ... More for Aries https://t.co/2ECU9mMQ6q

  10. RT @TheMalikJ: The Original. https://t.co/YlDxCgHyDk

  11. RT @NICKIMINAJ: Wanna Minaj? @papermagazine 🧐👅 photos by @ellenvonunwerth #BreakTheInternet edition https://t.co/0NmdzEb3Si

  12. RT @Virgil_Mars: @billboard Why couldn't Tiffany host by herself? The first black female comedian to host and they have to pair her with so…

  13. Although you expect others to reveal their secrets and share t... More for Aries https://t.co/2ECU9mMQ6q

  14. Although today is a day of rest for some people, you’re too bu... More for Aries https://t.co/2ECU9mMQ6q

  15. RT @2000sPhase: This is the money GIF retweet in 20 secs and money will come your way. https://t.co/HxDZfLrmvG