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  1. Hey Fashion Lovers !

    luis ? is that you ?
  2. Hey Fashion Lovers !

    Hello everybody ! I just created a fashion blog on tumblr so if you guys are interested in the world of high or street fashion then you can check my blog out. Here is the link : http://breathingcouture.tumblr.com/ I also have another blog that i have been using for 2 years. I mainly post things that are related to pop culture so make sure that you guys check out this blog too. Here is the link: http://blondeambitionworld.tumblr.com/ Thank you for reading this
  3. Seriously! What Do People Like "bad" Boys?!

    i'm so bad at giving relationship advices oh well
  4. Seriously! What Do People Like "bad" Boys?!

    if he has no problem with your reputation then you really have nothing to worry about , he fell for you because of your personality not your reputation so don't get too worked up over it and you guys have been in a relationship for months so don't be worried , he likes you for you not for any other reasons
  5. Where do you see yourself in few years ?

    living in the playboy mansion jk working my ass off to pay the rent
  6. Is Briggy Opening?

    i hope they'e opening it
  7. main page How Well Can You Read Britney Spears Lips?

    i got toxic and you drive me crazy wrong 13/15
  8. i love you so much and you're the sunshine of my life and then i would faint
  9. Gigi Gorgeous Stanning For Perfume

    SHE IS MY FAVORITE YOUTUBER OMG :kimcry: i love her so much
  10. Happy Pi Day From Britney Spears!

    i don't want to celebrate this day then
  11. Rate The Avatar Above You�

    i hope that cage is comfortable because you will be in there for a pretty long time honey :fabrit:
  12. Rate The Avatar Above You�

    a 10 because Godney looks hot as hell in your avatar
  13. Flawless Meet And Greet Photos (Not An Actual Positive Thread Flopping!)

    thanks , i love yours too
  14. Flawless Meet And Greet Photos (Not An Actual Positive Thread Flopping!)

    i would probably faint and miss the whole thing if i had the chance the to meet her
  15. Flawless Meet And Greet Photos (Not An Actual Positive Thread Flopping!)

    i also love this one , they look like sisters posing for a family photo lol