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  1. Happy Birthday Mannequiney!

  2. Japanese Version Of B9 And Japanese Versions In General

  3. Sims 4 Fans, Check Out This Britney

    I don't even know how to update my game, like, I'm new in this
  4. Sims 4 Fans, Check Out This Britney

    I saved them in the Mods folder but they don't appear in the game, there's and option in the configuration that says "See Custom Content" or something like that, I click it and it appears like there's things that I added (and I did it) but when I enter to make a Sim I can't see it. I also found a way to download Sims or Houses without the need of CC and it's searching things like "sims 4 no cc" but I can see just a few Sims and some houses, I was wondering if you know some pages where I can see more stuff without CC. I tried searching with Google but it shows other things saying how bad is Sims 4
  5. Sims 4 Fans, Check Out This Britney

    Since we're talking about Sims, how I can add stuff like eyes, hairs, etc.? Like, this Sim doesn't have things from the original game they have to be installed. I don't know if I'm explaining me
  6. Does Size Matters In Britney's Opinion?

    I didn't vote, just because I don't really care about those things
  7. I used to love them so much but now I know better girlbands than them but still good for them
  8. Please, Read This

    Yeah, I heard about it thousands of times and I feel really bad for it since a lot of friends of mine lives there, also, a lot of innocent people. I wish we could something for it :/
  9. Please, Read This

    Okay, yesterday in my country there was a fight between two guys, and I think it was treding topic in Twitter and everything. There are videos, but I'm not gonna post them, they are probably on Youtube or Twitter. I just wanted to let y'all know that we need to be better people because I don't want to see more fights in this world, and please if you feel mad/angry/sad or whatever you can always talk with a friend about it, or even you can send me a PM and I'll read it as soon as I enter to the site (I don't post that much but I'm almost everyday reading the forum) there's no need of violence, it just makes it worse.
  10. Well, you have talent, but i think you have to fix little things about the lyrics, they sound like you want to have a relationship with her and i don't think that's what you mean with the song and don't listen to the rude people here
  11. Yassss y'all should download her new mini album
  12. main page Little Mix Loves Britney Spears!

    I love their song Worth It, it's really great!
  13. Britney Should Record A Song Like This

    Yeah, their music is really weird in a good way, like Rum Pum Pum Pum reminds me of any indian song and when you first listen to it you are like but you want to listen to it again My favorites are Amber (she should release a better mini album, Beautiful is just not that great) and i also love to Krystal, she is really cute