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B Army
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  1. In The Zone Vs. Blackout

    Gimme More Piece of Me Radar I CAN'T CHOOSE Early Mornin' Toxic Freakshow Touch of My Hand Hot as Ice Ooh Ooh Baby Perfect Lover Everytime The Answer Get Back Blackout = 8 In the Zone = 5 Tie = 1
  2. Britney's Microphone Malfunction (Sings Live?)

    someone gif that booty shake pls
  3. Circus Vs. Femme Fatale Vs. Britney Jean

    Till the World Ends Circus Inside Out Kill the Lights Tik Tik Boom If U Seek Amy Til It's Gone Blur Chillin' With You Mannequin Gasoline Hold on Tight Radar He About to Lose Me Circus = 6 Femme Fatale = 4 Britney Jean = 4
  4. What Is Your Top 10 Favorite Britney Song

    1. Gimme More 2. Break the Ice 3. Breathe on Me 4. I'm A Slave 4 U 5. Touch of My Hand 6. Get Back 7. Lucky 8. Stronger 9. Hold It Against Me 10. Toxic
  5. It's a good album. Not amazing. But not shit either.
  6. It's a good album. Not amazing. But not shit either.
  7. Top 10 Music Videos

  8. Top 10 Music Videos

    Toxic Circus I'm A Slave 4 U Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) Work Bitch Womanizer Stronger I Love Rock N' Roll Lucky Piece of Me
  9. Favourite 5Th Act Outfit

  10. Best Album Cover?

    BJ & Circus ITZ is her worst.
  11. How is Circus more personal than Britney Jean?

    circus is as personal as blackout is.
  12. Hate

    thank you sweetie. it's on tuesday so say it again then.
  13. Hate

    i kept it short & sweet
  14. queen of general

    come get this pussy