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  1. The Many Faces Of Britney

    I don't even want to think about the mess that was exhell apocalypse, prayin 4 him tbh.
  2. The Many Faces Of Britney

    A very sad rock that has shit wifi for like a week And thank you!
  3. The Many Faces Of Britney

    Just checked out my notifications sorry boo, u still slayin tho and this lil forum is very cute
  4. The Many Faces Of Britney

    Omg Queen Jacosta is here!!!! Slay
  5. Taylor Will Not Perform At Superbowl

    Someone call iggy to tell homegurl to perform there pls
  6. Gags Steals from Britters Once Again

    Blasphemy only Godney and her followers can utter her own holy sacred words
  7. Top 10 Reasons to Love Britney

    shame that there's flop people who don't get it
  8. fox news talking about alien

    Shady cunt Watch her being dragged by britney in alien mv like that bitch in if u seek amy
  9. What was the reaction to the WB MV?

    I showed (forcefully btw) to all my friends Worth it tho because all of them said she looked hot and young
  10. main page Pom Costumes Change

    #burntheleotards #hireedgysophistucateddesigner
  11. The Not Performed Singles

    Kill The Lights
  12. LEAK Piece of Me Backdrops [Caps]

    G o d n e y
  13. main page June 21 - New Candids

    Is this real??
  14. How sexy Britney was

    the pics u posted are fierce as hell like a real femme fatale