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  1. Few questions for those went to see Piece of me

    You can always move, but if the people show up late you'll be asked to go back to your seats. Also fans who go all out are moved closer up. When I went the guy sitting next to me was dressed as bomtney and they moved him to the pit.
  2. Hey local vegas redident here! The last time I drove by PH (3 weeks ago) the giant Britney poster was still outside PH...with one of JLo right next to it. As far as other Britney attractions in Vegas... BOMT schoolgirl outfit is on display at the Hardrock Hotel DWAT costumes are on display at the HardRock Cafe And she had her famous quickie wedding at the little white chapel There's also a britney impersonator that performs at the flamingo and derick barry performs as britney at the linq Hope that helps
  3. No, really - Let's discuss the movie.

    Legit question: Were Wade Robson and Joey Fatone played by the same person
  4. UPDATE: Sam (most likely) NOT cheating on Brit

    So much generalization
  5. Misleading title!!! Not cool Thanks for getting my hopes up, thinking there was actually something new and exciting going on for a change. Im so thristy for something other than POM and selfies with Sam
  6. A beautiful album concept

    We'd get an album full of chillin with yous
  7. b10 need to be like...

    Gay, straight, rock, pop, edm, purple, blue....I dont give a flying cheeto what aound she goes for, but please give us something moah than songs about men. Please Brinny! We know you love the D but there's so much more to you. Peel back the layers Brit! Gimme that Lucky-NAGNYAW-Piece of Me 2.0 I'm thirsty for an independent britney empowering anthem!
  8. Britney snubbed from Xmas Carpool Kareoke

    JLo, Bruno, Madonna, and Justine were left out too. Would've been nice to see Brit, but it's not that drastic. No need to argue.
  9. Britney snubbed from Xmas Carpool Kareoke

    They couldve at least recorded her having some snacks while James sang next to her
  10. Why was our beautiful Christmas snowflake Queen not featured in this?? We're coming for you James!
  11. IDEAL 2017-2019 Vegas Revamp!

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Get Naked is one of my favorite songs and the interlude right now doesn't do it justice.
  12. IDEAL 2017-2019 Vegas Revamp!

    TTWE ends as the closing number needs to goooo!!!!!!!!! She's been ending with that song since FFT. (I also wouldn't mind a new openning number.) Piece of me would be a great openning or closing song, since that's the name of the show. And I would love for Get Naked to be replaced with Coupure Electrique, and for the Freakshow number to be re imagined somehow.
  13. Please tell me yall see how creepy G-Eazy actually is

    I do see what you're saying. It seems he's trying to push the sex appeal of the performance and coming on too strong. As I was watching the videos of this performance something felt a little off. They're all over eachother And that immediately made me think of the time Britney said she doesn'tlike being touched.