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  1. 04 July 2009. (Paris) Circus Tour I was broke for FFT, too young for her first tours, and for Vegas, well i'm french so.. I was 14, it was with my mom (she loves her too) and it's one of the best night of my life I saw Rihanna (x2), Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Shakira, none of these girls gave me life as much as her
  2. When Britney Fans get bored....

    It started good (the first 5 seconds) and then
  3. Best Album Cover?

    ITZ then Circus then BJ The rest is ok
  4. Do You Stan For Anyone Besides Britney?

    I stan for Lana too, she's the only artist I listen as much as Britney But i think i'm a Rihanna & Katy stan too, i check everything they do