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  1. Exfail's comments on yesterday's candids:

    "No wonder she feels insecure about her looks" - Did you ask her?
  2. 3.6 can't believe atusch is out. y'all blind.
  3. Brian Spears *E X P O S E D*

    Was this thread necessary tho?
  4. mmmm.... I can only cast a vote for two people 4.3 5.4 atusch Why is jabba the hut's brother aka 5.7 competing?
  5. Here to promote my awkward Music Video.

    You never answer my chat
  6. Here to promote my awkward Music Video.

    atusch <3333
  7. Neyde Thread

    My Neyde drawing http://sketchtoy.com/61406795
  8. Best Album Cover?

  9. I love Lana, but I'm not that excited for a possible collab. Both Britney and Lana have their own unique trademark style (Lana nowadays more than Brinny though) and I wouldn't want any of em to lose it. Like I can't really imagine Britney doin well in that slowish retro style, nor Lana in Pop/EDM...