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  1. The weird track from each Britney album

    I would have said Chillin With You - everything else is acurate
  2. Unfortunately - they sold out - but if you purchase to pick up in store - some areas still have some
  3. Cause it is a little sexy, no?
  4. Britney Due To Perform In Tel Aviv? #BritneyLiveInConcert

    We now know she will...
  5. Britney Due To Perform In Tel Aviv? #BritneyLiveInConcert

    ..... Oops she did it again..
  6. Britney Due To Perform In Tel Aviv? #BritneyLiveInConcert

    oh well... seems that it is...
  7. New dates from French site? Legit???

    They also need to learn to spell Tokyo and also realise that Mexico is in North America no South - so I call bluff...
  8. New dates from French site? Legit???

    Fake cause Tokyo is spelled differently and Mexico is in North America...
  9. They could have used someone that slightly looked like her or at least someone that looks a little better...
  10. Old School Universe Thread

    I miss you coco January - I am back in full force!
  11. Was thinking about this last week - I will get on it
  12. CheerUp

    haha - miss your face - I have been away for a while too - seems like we are in sync - I felt you were back - so I had to be here. Miss you
  13. What is really annoying...

    I agree with you 100% - this would have been a better track for let's say Jennifer Hudson - nothing wrong with the track - it was just not a vocal fit.. The same as the way her vocals do noot work in the Private show chorus... but works for the rest of the track. I love her voice i every other track though..
  14. What is really annoying...

    No - I love her deep mature voice - which this song has none of but I LOVE every other track..
  15. I Bought This...

    Hahaha - you are welcome...