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  1. Is this real or fake mic-feed?

    this is too much lmaoooo
  2. I Have An Idea For #PieceOfMe

    @HybridFan3 is that you?
  3. i made a britney quiz on buzzfeed

  4. Britney Spears holding a note for 1 hour

    what the heck
  5. main page Welcome to Absolute Britney!!!

    Both are still there
  6. My Artwork of "GLORY" - #Fanmade

    jewel cases are shitty! Digipack >>>>>>>
  7. My Artwork of "GLORY" - #Fanmade

    here is mine
  8. It could be so awesome with some HQ and professional editors
  9. Was this her last iconic video ??

    OLL says hi
  10. And lol we've got the 70% of the original video (better audio quality)

    I hope not because THIS is the official video, this one worths to be on her official channel.
  11. Apple music commercial teaser!!?.

    some people are saying it's for the via performance