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  1. You got: Britney Spears You are none other than the reigning pop queen of the ’90s and ’00s, the legendary Ms. Britney Spears!
  2. The BBMA performaance Iconic AF
  3. I ve been looking for this version for ages Thank you so much I really love it
  4. John Wayne (flawless) video was the end of the (underwhelming) era. Gagachela and the cure are already better than the whole era
  5. Everyday Lucky Alien Everytime
  6. Jesus Christ!!! Most of them are among my faves. Probably My Prerogative
  7. In no particular order Work Bitch TTWE My Prerogative Someday I Love Rock N Roll Overprotected Album Version Lucky Stronger Oops I Did It Again Baby One More Time
  8. Some of them re amazing Good job
  9. Mannequin is flawless Mmm Papi is cute Phonography is the second best album track after blur
  10. Clumsy is her best song in ages, even better than make me, which is gold as well. Glory is going to enter my holy trinity easily, sorry femme fatale
  11. It got deleted
  12. One of her best album titles. OMG A NEW ALBUM IN 3 DAMN WEEKS
  13. Now what if Taylor Snake starts an one sided feud? That would be hillarious