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  1. Britney refuses to renew POM in Las Vegas

    The OP is written in Mexican
  2. Britney refuses to renew POM in Las Vegas

    I don't speak Mexican
  3. I Am Britney Jean UK Ratings

    It's funny tbh
  4. you still think there's gonna be a second single?
  5. Stop making threads about "Lifetime Bioptic Movie"

    it's hilarious and they got it completely wrong She hits her own car instead of the paparazzi's
  6. Stop making threads about "Lifetime Bioptic Movie"

    Have you seen the umbrella scene they shot?
  7. Stop making threads about "Lifetime Bioptic Movie"

    it looks so cheap and terrible lmao
  8. Why do people hate the FF era?

    Because it was flawless and Britney stans have terrible taste
  9. HOT new Do You Wanna Come Over? Video!!!!

    lmao @ Britney going on Grindr
  10. Full Glenn Nutley Video

    Best thing Glenn Shitley has ever given us tbh
  11. Rate all the Make Me promo performances

    5º Today Show 4º Johnathan Ross Show 3º Apple Music Festival 2º JiHeartRadio Festival 1º VMA's
  12. OMG is Britney meeting SABI in London?

    Britney looks so hot here that she's steamin like a pot full of vegetables tbh
  13. Omg, I thought it was an unreleased wtf
  14. Where's Mona Lisa? Drag them tbh