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  1. Where to buy Glory Tour Edition?

    Ebay I think? ?
  2. Actually for years, first the Playlist was named "Britney The Essentials" then was re-named to "Piece of Me Setlist", I actually remember I listened it when has Pretty Girls on it
  3. LEAK: LMD STEMS (Merry Britmas / Leakhaüsen)

    You are God or something like that Now I just need Better Instrumental and I can die in peace
  4. Make Me.. stems (re-up) [4,7GB!!!]

    send it 2 me please!
  5. So uh... Which DLMBTLTK single cover is official???

    the first one is, the second is cropped
  6. REQ - list of all credited people who helped with Glory bg vocals/adlibs

    Thanks God she's not
  7. GONZO to the finish line...

    what that even mean?
  8. Slumber Party [Piece Of Me 3.0 Studio Version] #GLORY #SlumberParty #PieceOfMe

    I can't hear it, is blocked in my country
  9. What makes no sense to me

  10. Tell here one positive thing about the worst Britney song in your opinion!!!

    Wel, at least Sometimes left us this amazing scene in the music video
  11. New dates from French site? Legit???

    Why not Chile!????? We are one of the most important stages in South America
  12. Britney's Summer Tour - More Dates?

    Only Argentina an Brazil! D: What happened with Chile!!!???
  13. maybe she will include it POM 3.0, or maybe the B team is testing the song for a 3rd single... who know