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  1. Untagged Version Is Here But!

    This is the file from the video enjoy! giwTIsEI-30895517.m4a
  2. So Google Indexed Some Upcoming Events To Britney Spears?!!!

    Is not touring just checked the dates google indexed wrong unless performing at basketball games and some useless dj dates. Because if you click on them they show that
  3. Trading Three Britney Pics In UHQ

    wow one of my fave shoots.
  4. One of the last about whole MJ thing....

    you keep rehashing this subject can we just move on from it?
  5. tell me the difference on what isis are doing and the americans right now with the statues.
  6. Yeah it was hell the last week i was there, i had a panic attack and when i got home i felt so burnedout i slept for 2 days and now i'm finally almost back to my former self.
  7. i still think she should drop the tards and get back to pants each new tard is worse iteration of the tard she used before. the leather one reminds me of something used in triple x shows.
  8. Y'all... VIP Private Show smells amazing!

    i really like the believe bottle that bottle is timeless.
  9. I suddenly want Britney to collaborate with Clean Bandit

    Doing great finally got settled at my job so now time to make this place alive again.
  10. I suddenly want Britney to collaborate with Clean Bandit

    If i had to be honest i wished this type of music dies down and we go back to pre 2013 music!
  11. Had to start new account ( not Britney related )

    @yukisenpi30 i can merge your old account with this one!
  12. my predictions for the rest of 2017 & 2018

    please no piece of e on the road for world tour i hope to see something different after 4 years of watching yt and insta vids.
  13. NEW RELEASE! "Glory Japan Tour Edition"

    @BLACKOUTBRlT Welcome Back!
  14. Britney Spears at the beach in Hawaii (April 13)

    She looks like a beach goddess!

    @JoshLee wikipedia states april 6th lol