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    Britney and her team finding out that touring instead of being in Vegas helps with sales
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    Hello, Universe! @JonHardy! asked me to write an essay about why I love Britney so please, read this! Hi everybody! I'm sairaannopee99 and I'm a 17 years old male from Finland. And in this text I'll explain why I love Britney. So, here it goes... I started listening to Britney in 2012. She's one of the first artists I started listening to. And I've been listening to her the longest. It all started when I saw her Femme Fatale world tour performance on TV. I was like: "OMG she's good! Who is she?" Then after the performance I went to the internet and found a lot of information about her (including 07). I immediately fell in love with her and she got all my sympathies! Then on 8th grade I went through a lot of trouble in my life, I was even put to a foster home for some time. It was hell on Earth! The only thing that kept me from going completely insane was Britney's music. And I thought: "If Britney made it through 07, I can make it through this!" So, eventually, I got out of there and could start a new, better life! But there was just one problem... my friends HATE pop music. Like really, really much! So, of course I was too afraid to tell them about her and kept it a secret for over a year. One day, I decided to join this forum and ask this community for advice about what I should do. So, some people said things like: "Wait untill they're more mature or find a good moment to tell them". And others said things like: "Tell them. If they are your real friends, they'll accept who you are". Eventually, I first told my mom about this (Why didn't I tell her earlier?). And she gave me all her support. Then I wrote an essay like this to our Whatsapp group. Of course, without the mentions about my past since they knew already. So, I spent a long time trying to find the right words and finally sent it. Then I put my phone in my pocket and went to a shop nearby. When I came home, I started reading the responses. I was so nervous! And guess what... THEY ACCEPTED IT! Well, they still don't understand why I love Britney's music but I think they understood why I love her as a person. And all that matters is that they accepted me as who I really am! So, what I've learned from Britney is that you should never be afraid to be yourself and no matter how badly things go, it will be better one day. She fell to the bottom, then rose back to the top! She has really inspired me both with her music and with her words. And that, everybody, is why I love Britney Spears
  3. 11 points
    If you want any real mic feed from POM, play ANY video you can possibly find from ANY night, turn the sound off and there you go!
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  5. 11 points
    Hey guys! Last night I went to Jingle Bash in Chicago and got to see Britney for the 2nd time this year (5th overall)!! I actually live in Chicago, and Britney hasn't been here since 2011, so when it was announced she was gonna be playing Jingle Bash I was dying to go! It took me awhile to get my money together, and TBH I was really late on buying my tickets, but I was just happy to be going honestly.. My seats were in the 200 section, so I was decently far away, but I still tried to film the entire show. Right from the beginning of the night it was pretty clear everyone was pumped for Britney. There were so many fans in Brit merch it was blowing my mind! The woman sitting next to me was even in a Circus Tour shirt lol. Any time the radio hosts would mention Britney's name the crowd would cheer extra loud. Finally when it was time for Britney the audience was going crazy! For basically all of Work Bitch the crowd was screaming. For Womanizer and Slave the crowd was screaming the words, on top of that every dance break had a huge reaction from the audience. I was honestly getting chills at how much the audience was rooting for her. Tbh most of them didn't know the Glory tracks, but they were still jamming (especially during Make Me with G-Eazy). When Toxic came on I honestly got goosebumps, the crowd was singing the iconic violin riff and going wild. They even remembered the words to Stronger and Crazy It was one of the most exciting crowds for any concert I've ever been to. To see such a huge audience show so much love for Britney was really special. I took videos of every song, but I was pretty far and using an iPhone camera so they aren't very good, but I still wanted to share them:
  6. 11 points
    omg wow we have to wait until tomorrow to hear this big reveal? I'm sorry but you're such a troll for this
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  8. 10 points
    Everyone has this "epiphany" every era and no one is ever right. Now, more than ever, it's farther from the truth. Britney didn't go to Vegas to retire. She's wanted a show in Vegas since 2003. She went to Vegas to fulfill one of her dreams and have a more stable environment for her children. Britney has always hated the promo side of the business, the paparazzi side, and all of that. She earned her dues to not have to do heavy promo if she doesn't want to. She built an empire for herself, and it's about time she's able to enjoy it. Yes, she does music for fans and because it's fun, yes she doesn't care about being the top girl, no that doesn't mean she's ready to retire. She can't even sing her song live? Where have you been her entire career? She's never been known as the girl that sings live, she's known as the girl that puts on a hell of a show. She still does that, and she's not stopping anytime soon. She may slow down to enjoy her life, but that doesn't mean she's going to retire at 35.
  9. 10 points
    Honestly, what she went through in 2007 truly was traumatic, along with being completely battered by both media and the public, it's a miracle she came out of it alive and not every one recovers from such heavy shit overnight, for some people it can take years!! I think that's what we're witnessing with Brit, little by little she's finding herself again, she's getting comfortable putting herself out there again, expressing herself again, so to me it's not that surprising, it was bound to happen and here's hoping it'll just get better and better as time goes on.
  10. 10 points
    Ok so first of all, hi I'm Tim, and I'm from Ohio. I have never seen Britney in concert and have been asking my parents for years to get me to Vegas to see this show. So finally, I did something worth treating and graduated college, so my mom is taking my to Vegas as a gift! I'm going to the August 9th show and I got front GA standing left, and I want to be front row. So like... what time do I need to get there? Where do I go? Any other helpful tips would be so great! Thanks
  11. 10 points
    I think those vanilla candles are hanging from the ceiling low
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  13. 10 points
    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON UNIVERSE!!! So I started a new job a few months back and haven't had the time to obsessively post or check universe and it's KILLING ME! I just want all the regulars here (the ones that stay positive, always make me laugh, keep it real, or hell even some of the trolls too) to know that I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Even if I don't have the time to post often, nothing will change that and I appreciate all of you amazing stans! Universe is simply the best.. PERIOD, END OF STORY!!! Also the Slumber Party video is forever scalping me and I see no end in sight! After a while to process it and let it sync in, I honestly think it's her best video since Toxic! Don't get me wrong I love ALL of her videos and while some others also come close for me like Work Bitch or TTWE, she is so alive in this video and really seems into the choreo in a primeney kinda way I feel like we haven't seen in a video since Toxic! As a life long stan it's truly a magnificent moment to behold! So whenever I'm depressed my new go to is the Slumber Party video and *VOILA* I can't help but smile!! Praise GODNEY, I am truly BLESSED!!! I'm going to Chicago this weekend to see her for the 5th time this year! (POM in Jan, April, & August and then the iheart Radio in Sept and now Chicago) Charts and controversy aside this is probably my favorite era to be a stan since ITZ or Circus! So join me and put on your Merry X-Mas Bitch sweatshirts this season and have a merry Britmas everyone! We have a lot to be thankful for this era! Peace! Love you all!
  14. 10 points
    I don't want to sound mean or bitter, but the truth is that the GP is just not here for Britney. In my opinion the singles she's released this year are perfect, had any other hot artist released Make Me or Slumber Party they would've become massive hits, but because they come from Britney they are totally ignored. I don't think Glory sounds outdated or anything, the sound and the quality are not the problem because when you play the radio the songs that are on the top of the lists are not that different from anything on Glory, they're not that special, but the problem is that the audience has a very random and unpredictable taste, and if they decide that they won't support what Britney Spears puts out then they won't. What I'm trying to say is that nowadays a single's success is not determined by the song itself, but by the artist and how much support it can get from the radio stations and the public, that's why Meghan Trainor can release Me Too, which I think is a very weak single, and still make it a hit, because she's big right now.
  15. 10 points
  16. 10 points
    HONESTLY *tea time, this is long BUT its good* Britney (more so her team) has marketed her as the PERFORMER not the VOCALIST. I feel like they neglected the vocalist part because the whole 2000's trend didn't lean toward VOCALS per say rather towards dance breaks, beats, new 00's dance/hip hop music. Vocals have reemerged as WANTED more so these days. And instead of making her a dual threat, which she could very well have been with proper training, they focused more on her image, which is fine still! I honestly think that Britney hasn't trained her voice post Oops era. You can hear her when she has sung live with both singing ballads and uptempo's live (the times she has sung them live). She doesn't have control of her voice and she has poor breath control which is like 10000% needed when it comes to singing esp if there are routines involved. Now just being devils advocate and using a compare and contrast and not putting ANYONE down. Lets take someone current for example like Beyonce (who happens to be the ONLY artists out near Brit's caliber/fame & vice versa, she's her peer) She sings live MAJORITY (when she does lipsync we cant tell cuz her team knows to how manipulate performance aesthetics so its not obvious) of the time, right? Beyonce as a trained singer used to run every day on a treadmill and sing at the same time, among other vocal exercises she's done to PERFECT HER voice the way she needs to. Rihanna, another example who vocally compares better to Brit. Rih never had GREAT vocal chops when she first came out, she doesn't lipsync. But with the right instructor and vocal technique she was able to strengthen her voice and she's hitting notes, singing diff genre's, really playing with her voice and strengthened her voice so that she can be better and continue mastering as she continues through her career. Britney smokes/smoked?(idk if she quit), doesn't consistently go through vocal training (not to my knowledge from how we as fans follow her) unless its while creating albums, and she doesn't perform ballads or more mid-slow tempo songs, especially "when it matters" via Award shows, televised performances to get to the GP, and she hasn't since God knows when ( I wanna say 2002 AMA's). So its like they neglected her voice in my opinion. Do I think Britney can still sing? IMO. YES! DO i think her voice has suffered and maybe even declined in quality dare i say without studio help? YES, can she get better? YES! its like her dancing, as soon as she took things more seriously from 2014-16 we saw CRAZYYYYY improvement, why? cuz she PUSHED and continues to push herself (I hope!). She needs to do that with her vocals. She needs to kind of really block out that whole thing she's been through and its relation she has with her fame and performing, just my opinion based on observation with her. She's said it many times and acted as such "She's not particularly made for this industry" and with that mind set I feel like she's subconsciously downplaying her stardom. She could be KILLING it on stage vocally, production value wise, dance wise, looks wise, etc like how Beyonce in her current prime is. But aside from her not being a very larger than life girl she doesn't seem to care to make "BRITNEY SPEARS" larger than life, and i feel like its still just a trickle of what has happened in the past (not even just 07 but through all the bad press esp post Justin). Some may disagree which is fine this is just my opinion. But when you think about it it does affect everything she does. EXCEPT when it comes to the quality of her music which aside from BJ has NEVERRRRRRR let us down, ever. WHY??? BECAUSE no one is watching her in the studio, there are no camera's no screaming crowd, no phones just her her writers/producers less pressure and she has enough comfort to really "go there" and be "BRITNEY SPEARS". Live & televised are different, you have to prepare mentally more so to really NAIL IT. you can go through the motions but it wont have the same wow factor. She has to be ferociously hungry to deliver the way "we want her to" or better yet the way she REALLY can without hesitation. That includes vocals, choreo, themes, creative directory making sure things make sense etc *LONG SIGH* finish
  17. 9 points
    Technically she's been around since she was like 8...
  18. 9 points
    I think it's just a picture, lol, she clearly paints just for fun and/or relaxation, she's not fucking Picasso or some other professional painter, I don't see the point in trying analyze it. But I'm not at all surprised that you would try to turn it into something negative!!
  19. 9 points
    The "2017" picture is from the Femme Fatale tour.
  20. 9 points
    Did you hear that falsetto? AND THOSE BELTS? I can't believe I'm slayed because of a Happy Birthday performance but that's exactly what's happening
  21. 9 points
  22. 9 points
    What I had in mind is the Work Bitch MV and the original Make Me video, I feel like there's too much going on in both of them and they rely on the explosions, the shocking moments, etc. Slumber Party has a bit of a shock factor aswell (especially for the conservative people ) but what stands out the most, at least to me, are the settings, the colors, the lighting and, as you said, the fact that the video is not too spastic and the viewers are able to appreciate all that! I mean, of course it's not like a Lana del Rey MV, but I do think that the director was very focused on creating appealing images like these:
  23. 8 points
    ...I don't think this is a thread that should be opened It's not our business, and virginity is a manmade concept developed to shame women to sleep with only one man.
  24. 8 points
    Her dancing now compared to FF is sooo much better though and FF was one of her most successful albums... so idk where this is coming from. The TRUTH is that Britney isn't going to make a big impact because she doesn't want to. She is just doing enough to make her fans happy because she doesn't want to be the "IT" girl anymore.
  25. 8 points
    I don't think Britney will ever make a big impact on the GP, unless she starts focusing on her dancing and performing skills, which may be enough for us, but are far from being attractive for regular people to go check her new music and videos. Her poor dancing hurts her image and her career much more than any lipsync controversy, and she still has to make a proper comeback on that particular area.
  26. 8 points
    1. Wow some people are so quick to jump to a negative conclusion calm down! 2.Britney has said numerous times she loves Vegas and actually was thinking about a residency way back in 2003 so now that she has it, its been a dream of hers come true why would she fully give it up? 3. I feel like her mini Asian residency was a test to see she can withstand touring. As clearly obvious she is definitely over a full blown tour so maybe she will do the same thing again over in the states or in Latin America or Europe soon. 4. She knows her 20th anniversary is coming up. Her teams knows it. Her label knows it. We know it. And we're at peak 90s/00s nostaligia so why wouldn't they be planning something around that? 5. She's been going at this for so long and has been through so much. I don't know how many times it has to be said but manage your expectations, not in a negative way either. Just hope she puts up another solid album and does the bare minimum in terms of publicity. If she does less than that then be mad but for the love of godney stop "dreaming of heroes" and be real.
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  28. 8 points
    Remember when everything seemed just kind of slow or stiff.....I came across this today and wasn't expecting to see this energy
  29. 8 points
    First off, let me say, I am not bashing Britney here. I'm simply detailing and archiving everything that happened during the Glory era. After signing a deal with Planet Hollywood and releasing her 2013 album Britney Jean, which caused mass controversy, Britney hit the studio for another 2 years or so working on her biggest album, putting more effort than she has in the last decade. Rumors about #B9 came when the third single of Britney Jean, Alien, was ultimately scrapped. The pro-tools session had leaked, and caused massive controversy when it was discovered that Myah Marie absolutely did vocals for the song that made it onto the track itself. (Along with the infamous glitch.) Flashback to late 2013, when we watched I Am Britney Jean. Remember when Larry said Alien was gonna be a single, and when it was, it was going to be added to Piece of Me? We all know how that panned out. So with Britney Jean being ultimately scrapped from that point on, Britney began to hit the studio and from what we heard, what she was working on was incredible, mind-blowing, and said to be her best work in years. Of course rumors came along and things happened. Insiders were saying "It's Britney's best work! It sounds like a mix between In The Zone and Blackout!" But then again, we hear that everytime Britney gets in the studio. Later on, we get 2 new songs from Britney in the more "experimental" sense. We got Tom's Diner - a collaborative effort with legendary prodcuer Giorgio Moroder, who originally produced the song in the early 90's. Before the track leaked, we got a snippet of an alternate version of the song, with clearer vocals, while the leaked version (also the album version) had Britney's vocals processed through a vocoder. The song was never panned as a single to the disappointment of many fans, and the clear vocal version still to this day has not leaked. While the song gave Britney an idea on how to move forward in the "electronic" sense, and with the fan-backlash of the use of the vocoder, it definitely had a helping hand with the way of the vocals of her then-upcoming album. And then we got a more "urban" attempt - Pretty Girls ft. Iggy Azalea. Infamously, this track was backlashed from the start, and had quite the messy release. Fans were reluctant for Britney to work with Iggy Azalea, who at the time was being scrutinized for racist comments on twitter she made years prior. While fans were primarily upset Britney was working with a "problematic" rapper, set-photos from the music video shoot ended up online and fans suddenly had hope again. Many rumors were going around saying "It's the lead single from #B9!" The track had a messy start that gave fans a bad feeling from the get-go. The cover was released, with a photoshopped Britney and Iggy in space. And then moments later, was deleted from Britney's twitter account. (Luckily, fans had saved the image.) This sent fans into a panic, saying "The single is gonna be scrapped!" and giving wild speculation to the single-cover controversy saying "They used Britney's face from a 1999 photoshoot!" (Rolling Stone to be specific.) However, the cover was uploaded the next day with one slight change. Instead of "BRITNEY SPEARS FT. IGGY AZALEA" the track now said "BRITNEY SPEARS & IGGY AZALEA." So literally, the single cover was changed because Iggy felt like it was more of a duet than a feature. However, the track was ultimately dropped from Glory, because Iggy didn't know how to keep her mouth closed. After the track was "done", Iggy went on Twitter and said if Britney had promoted the song more, it would have been more successful. When a fan cricitized her comment, she said she doesn't have to "kiss Britney's ass" all the time. Afterwards, Iggy's worldwide tour had been cancelled - Britney replied with the shadiest tweet saying "At least I have a summer full of shows to look forward to!" Afterwards, the track was dropped from Glory, and performed for a while longer on Piece of Me, until the next setlist renovation. All instances of Iggy were done with a pre-recorded backdrop. The song was never mentioned again. After the fiasco of Pretty Girls and the less-quiet backlash of Toms Diner not being a single, Britney was reportedly hitting the studio harder than ever. Since that was all the information we were given, fans were terrified that there would be a possibility of will.i.am returning for Glory. We were given confirmation that will.i.stop and Myah Marie were not on the album. Though some fans thought otherwise. will.i.am never commented on the subject, while Myah Marie straight up denied being on Glory. She has admitted that she was on Britney Jean, but "didn't know they were going to use her vocals on the final album". With Myah being ridiculed into the shadows, will.i.am too furious (probably) to comment on the album, the album only had one more fear: Dr Luke. Fans were afraid Dr Luke would be on the album, as he created monster hits with Femme Fatale, and a favorite from Britney Jean, Brightest Morning Star. No comments were given from officials, until the album dropped. Dr Luke was not on the album, possibly due to sexual assault accusations from Kesha, who Britney had also worked with during Femme Fatale. Dr Luke also had a record-breaking number of copyright infringement cases against him - one of which was even on "Hold It Against Me", which reportedly copied the melody of one song, and took the title and double-entendre from a country song. While the case was dropped, fans were still afraid of Dr Luke tainting the Glory era. Only until it was discovered he wasn't involved with the album. (Surprisingly.) And neither was will.i.am. (A huge relief to those who survived Britney Jean.) The only thing we WERE looking forward to was that DJ Mustard would be on the album. (Holy shit!) With her direction planned, Britney began to work on the album with new producers and writers to create what we now know today as "Glory". The first hint we had at the album was a picture Britney had posted on instagram that said "GOODBYE", but inside the letters of "GOODBYE" were also the words "GAME CHANGER". Later on, a tweet Britney posted capitalized three words "JUST LUV ME". Fans were CERTAIN that the first single for the album would be the rumored "Just Luv Me". Unfortunately, it didn't pan out. An earlier hint that went largely noticed were mysterious pictures of the moon Britney had tweeted - and then deleted. Rumors circulated saying the album would drop early 2016. Then Summer 2016. While we still didn't get much, it wasn't until her performance at the 2016 BBMA's that we were told her new single "Make Me (Ooh)" would be debuted. However, when the show came, the track was absent. Later reports said "The track wasn't finished." Fans were let down, but not for long. Later on, music video clips and snippets of the song began to rise online, with the raciest video Britney would have put out in months. It was also revealed that rapper G-Eazy was on the track. However, this turned into one hell of a mess that still, to this day, we talk about constantly. With a LQ to MQ phone-camera recording of the video playing on a computer screen with the timeframe in the lower corner, fans were ecstatic to see it. While the video was supposedly finished, it was scrapped. Producer David LaChapelle had his name removed from the credits and they HOPED it would quitely slip under the rug. It didn't. Fans were outraged. They wondered where this incredible music video went, and why we were given a music video made out of a rushed-as-hell music video that had a similar plot, with multiple shots of Britney dancing to the song. The subtitle (Ooh) was also dropped from the official single title. Some fans liked the video. Others didn't. The original video still has not leaked to this day - We only have clips. The ending is missing entirely. However, we do have a fan-shot behind the scenes video of Britney and LaChapelle sitting in a tractor, assumingly used for the end of the music video where men in nude-colored speedos would grind on the machine. Britney was not having it. In the video, you can hear her screaming "I DON'T LIKE THIS!" and when leaving the machine, you can definitely hear her call LaChapelle an "ASSHOLE!" However, the video was scrapped due to "creative differences". Supposedly. We all know Britney wasn't comfortable with that last scene, fought with the director, and that was it. Why the finished scenes were never released, we may never know. While this fiasco went noticed by Britney's team, they decided to release an alternate cut of the music video (a few months after the album dropped), which contained nothing but the dance scenes from the album photoshoot. The video was released through Britney's short-lived mobile game, "Britney Spears: American Dream". But that's not the end of the fiasco of the first single. After the debut of Make Me (ft G-Eazy), a radio version debuted with an entirely different bridge, completely replacing G-Eazy's verse with recycled clips from the verses, along with some extra adlibs, and an amazing high note which... Some people actually liked more than the official version. But where did it come from? Was this the original version of Make Me? Was this what was meant to be performed at the BBMA's? Why did Britney's team decide to suddenly throw G-Eazy on the track? In my opinion, I firmly believe the solo version was the original intended version of the single. But that's just me. The first single fiasco didn't stop there. Then came the first time Britney had performed at the VMA's in 9 years, since the "infamous" Gimme More performance. While fans were blown away, especially after Britney debuted a live mashup with G-Eazy's "Me Myself and I" singing Bebe Rexha's parts, G-Eazy then messed up his own verse on his song. Afterwards, people assumed by the way he grabbed the back of Britney's head at the end of the performance, he tried to initiate a kiss. It didn't happen and the rumors still go around to this day. However - the biggest controversy about the VMA performance? Right after the performance aired, there was a leaked Snapchat video of G-Eazy doing a line of cocaine on some random woman's breasts. No one knows if this was before or after the performance. But if you ask me, it could have very possibly been before, as performers are known to do drugs or drink liquor before a show due to nerves. Not trying to take a shot at G-Eazy, but with the cocaine video and messing up your own verse, it seems like it to me. Despite the cocaine controversy, it was largely ignored. G-Eazy still was there for a majority of surprise performances with Britney on stage. Afterwards, Britney then uploaded a teaser for a commercial for her at-the-time-new perfume "Private Show", which shared the name of a song on the album. When the full trailer was released, there was only one small discrepancy with the teaser. There was a different outfit. And to this day we still don't have the full clip with the original outfit from the 15 second teaser. (Which was then later recycled into an outfit for Piece of Me.) A Christmas commercial was also put out for Private show, about 30 seconds long, with about 2 or 3 extra shots of Britney dancing in the "white" outfit. Small leaks began to happen left and right. Some fake, some not. (One popular fake I remember was something about "rollerblades in the sky with you", or some shit like that.) Fans were extremely hyped when the tracklist leaked - especially when hearing the title "Coupure Electrique", which translated, means "Power Outage", or if worded a different way in French, "Blackout". With Britney's team knowing we love Blackout, fans were officially FLOORED when the album dropped and they heard Coupure Electrique. Some still debate that it's the best song on the album. However, with leaks came controversy. It was proven that the photoshoot was actually just the scenes from the released Make Me video, which fans replied with "unprofessional". However, with a scrapped video, a pending release date what else was there for Britney to do? Personally - I like it. Then came another controversy - G-eazy was the only feature on the album, which had several fans raise an eyebrow. When pre-ordered on iTunes, Glory began to release a few songs - Private Show, Do You Wanna Come Over, and Clumsy - before the official release of the album. Fans had overwhelmingly positive reaction to the songs. And even then, we had small snippet leaks of "Just Luv Me", which may or may not have been a demo. Rumors were also circulating that the entire album stems were going around before the album leaked, and the snippets we got were made with the stems and mixed in a way that the original holder of said stems could track where and who leaked it. Regardless, when the album was finally dropped, fans were blown away by every single track on the album. Fans were screaming about how the bonus tracks "were even better than the album tracks". But it didn't stop there. Things got even more and more weird with the Glory era. First, people noticed that the DJ Mustard track didn't make the album - a huge letdown for people hoping for that "urban sound". Rumors then said it would be on his next mixtape. It wasn't. Second, people were then confused about the tracklist. While iTunes had Do You Wanna Come Over? as track number 7, the official CD Disc had the track as track 2. Personally, I like Invitation - DYWCO - Make Me. Mostly because I feel like the lyrics of Invitation slightly contradict Make Me. "Not gonna beg so don't make me." Regardless, the tracklisting was slightly messy. When inserting the physical disc of Glory, I remember seeing "If I'm Dancing" spelled as "If I' M Dancing", which I had to instantly fix. This was mostly an error on iTunes' part, and I believe the issue has been resolved. That's not the end of the fiasco surrounding Glory. After the album dropped, we were all fighting about the second single. A majority of people said Do You Wanna Come Over? While another majority said Liar. Ultimately - we were told the second single would be Slumber Party. We all accepted this as okay. Until it was reported that artist Tinashe would be on the track. This instantly threw fans into a rage, with some saying Tinashe ruins every track she gets on and how she's featured on remixes because it's almost guaranteed for radio play, as long as "Tinashe" is in the title. However, when the remix dropped, fans tended to actually LIKE the Tinashe version more. While Tinashe recorded the second verse, a chorus, some backing vocals, adlibs on the second chorus, Britney ALSO added a few adlibs on the new version of Slumber Party. (I was a doubter, called her Tinashit, etc. But I took all that back after watching the video.) The music video dropped, and we were all blown the fuck away with how incredibly sexy it was. Everyone who didn't like Tinashe instantly did. Everyone who didn't like Slumber Party was instantly a fan. But... Again, there was a slight mixup. When the video premiered on YouTube, it had a different version of the Tinashe remix, missing Britney's added adlib at the end. On the official vevo channel, the song was the single version. Later on, the audio on YouTube was corrected and never mentioned again. (Except for fans who ripped the audio.) But this wasn't the end of Glory. Afterwards, fans were shocked when they noticed that reprints of the album replaced the solo version of Slumber Party with the Tinashe version. A move never pulled by Britney's team. Around the same time, it was also discovered the Japanese edition of Glory would have "Mood Ring", the DJ Mustard track we all wanted so desperately. And ironically, several fans praised it to be the best song on the album. Then there were TWO versions of the Japanese CD - Both with Mood Ring, one with solo Slumber Party, one with Tinashe. Also around that time, Britney announced that Glory was to be printed on vinyl - the first official album vinyl she had done since Baby One More Time. An obvious big deal. And fans that pre-ordered the vinyl got their names printed on a poster which was folded in the vinyl insert. Even this caused controversy - at least with me and a few other people. Several fans mentioned that they recieved their vinyls damaged, scratched, cracked, or even broken. Luckily, mine was just chipped and plays just fine. Although it likes to skip ahead of Side 3 which starts with Better. My vinyl likes to skip a bit of the intro. With the low quality production of the vinyl, many fans, including myself were extremely furious. Remember when I threatened to give out the direct phone number to the administrator of the company who produced the vinyls? I sure as fuck do. With us giving Glory so much love, we were blown away. Only to have an amazing era cut short. Everyone was disappointed. The era was done? But why? We still don't have an official answer, other than the rumored "it just didn't sell". All we really got were 2 (3, 4 if you include the unreleased Make Me) music videos, the Private Show commerical(s), and Make Me, DYWCO, and Slumber Party added to Piece of Me. Tinashe also joined Britney on stage for some performances of the song. So what really happened with the Glory era? We will never know. This era was short lived and had very little leaks - in fact, I believe the only leaks were a stem pack, a pro tools session, and Instant DejaVu (which happened a little after Glory, but who cares?) Although the era was dramatically messy, it still worked and Glory still turned into the masterpiece it is today, and still regarded as some of Britney's best work. I am 110% here for Experimental Britney, and I am ready to archive what's gonna happen when she leaves Planet Hollywood and starts B10 tbh.
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    I want to believe but until it has actual confirmation I'm not gonna say it's real. It looks kinda real. Kinda.
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    At this point I think it should be obvious that the show will just be POM overseas, but that doesn't mean that it's going to be bad! Actually, I'm kinda excited because I'm expecting it to be similar to the festival performances she did last year, which were very refreshing because although most of the routines were the same the fact that she was on a different stage with different outfits and no props made it more interesting and fun to watch! I've been re-watching the Triple Ho Show videos these past days and I've been remembering how much I loved that show because it's true that she didn't dance that much, but the "adapted" choreographies were better than the original ones and she had so much energy, you can tell that being on a different atmosphere was also refreshing to Britney. Anyway, I just hope that the summer concerts bring something new to the table, I'm looking forward to see how she does
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    It's no secret that she is getting less and less relevant. Just look at the numbers. I don't think there's much profit in her new(est) albums. I'm kinda afraid that she's turning into Madonna. Britney Jean sold incredibly bad. I didn't find any credible numbers for Glory, but it doesn't look good. Femme Fatale sold fairly good when you think about how popular torrent-sites were at that point. But it's been down the hill the past years. In my professional opinion they need to do major work on the brand Britney Spears. They need to find new methods to make Britney Spears a relevant brand again. But there's no doubt; Britney will always be the pop icon. Her music will always sell to her diehard fans. And she will always have different opportunities. ---- No shade intended, it's just facts. Don't kill me
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    Going to watch and die of alcohol poisoning because I'm taking shots of vodka everytime I'm disappointed
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    And that's how classy women handles it
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    In this petty world where Katy Perry claims to be a social justice hero and a feminist but then makes fun of Britney's breakdown and Beyonce's fans discredit Adele just because she was given one award over her our queen remains unbothered, humble and out of every kind of drama. Her career choices might be a bit frustrating sometimes, but I'm just glad I stan for this woman
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    Her comments are really disgusting and I'm not even saying this as a Britney fan. Joking about someone's mental health, especially another woman's when she's suppose to be some pillar of feminism and equality is really disturbing and shows her true character and personality.
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    we've been wining the polls for like 6 years now, maybe if she actually loses the poll she might get interested in actually doing it
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    They are just abusing the conservatorship at this point. Even if it protects Britney from lawsuits, it is still an abuse of the legal system.
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    i'd be happy with things similar to these
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    So where exactly did she copy her?
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    You may remember my friend from POM won a chance to meet Godney and he met ha tonight! He said it was "magical" and that he was the first fan in line after the staff met her so she was like "oh you're a fan, hi!" And he introduced himself and said "thanks for doing this your amazing!" And she said he's sweet then they hugged and took the photo he said he was the only person she touched anywhooo just thought i'd share
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    Someone tell me that the moment Britney credited will.i.am for the iconic It's Britney Bitch, completely ignoring Gimme More, was just a wild dream I had, someone tell me it wasn't real
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    I don't see the problem with her being goofy, she's naturally a funny person and of course when she's not "in character" she's not going to act sexy
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    I wonder if it freaks those who have residencies over there I would be mortified if I had fans and they got shot at by some asshole It destroyed Ariana Grande They really need to modify gun laws cuz I'm sick of hearing this shit happen every month
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    It's hard to choose, we've had so many exciting moments this year. Remember how excited and slayed we were by the first show of the revamped POM? Or how crazy we went because of her V Magazine shot? Ugh, I can't decide, but I'd say that the top two moments would be the BBMA's performance, because it was her first, real award show performance in soooo many years and she did amazing, and of course when Glory was first released because everyone was so incredibly slayed, you could feel a very positive vibe