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  1. 9 points
    Technically she's been around since she was like 8...
  2. 9 points
    I think it's just a picture, lol, she clearly paints just for fun and/or relaxation, she's not fucking Picasso or some other professional painter, I don't see the point in trying analyze it. But I'm not at all surprised that you would try to turn it into something negative!!
  3. 7 points
    I'm so happy! I thought it was like a tour exclusive or that it would cost like $50! Also, Fergies album is amazing!
  4. 7 points
    Reading those lyrics makes me sooooo grateful for the 90s rap I grew up with, lol
  5. 7 points
    Happy Spearitual Sunday bitches We are gathered here today to pray for your happiness, health, and freedom! We pray that as you work on B10, you have complete freedom to express yourself. Godney, we pray that B10 that takes the masterful production that we were blessed with in Glory a step farther and that it is lyrically more mature. We pray to you to bless us with not another residency in the coming year, but with an iconic world tour that includes mostly songs from Glory and the next album. Godney please, bless us with at least 3 music videos in this next era, that slay our bodies, and inspires those ashamed of their fandom to come out of their proverbial closets. Please give us interviews that are insightful, goofy, and uninhibited. Dear Godney, please give be our Primeney and we will sing your praises on social media, and we will give you all our money!!! Today we pray that leaks of your original Perfume & Make Me Ooh music videos surface. Please light your vanilla candles, put your hands together and recite the following prayer to yourself
  6. 6 points
    Dear Universe friends, To celebrate Blackout's 10th year anniversary, I put together a compilation that I feel captures the essence of the original album. I have included the demo versions and also the unreleased cuts, some of them remastered. Nothing outta this world (reference) but I had fun putting this together. Happy Birthday Blackout! Blackout X Disc 1 Blackout album: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutXDisc1 Disc 2 Blackout demos: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutXDisc2 Disc 3 Blackout unreleased: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutXDisc3 Artwork: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutXArtwork Media Coverage: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutMediaCoverage Photoshoot: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutPhotoshoot Extras: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutXExtras
  7. 6 points
    No one really gives a fuck who she slept with first. And it's not up to these men to tell you when SHE was no longer a virgin. Her team was completely wrong for even making this a part of her image when she started. The whole reason this even became a thing is because she clearly wanted to be raunchy and she was still a teen, she was the first teen who was this sexy so they didn't want to piss people off, make them think they were forcing her to be sexy, and to make her more relatable to other young girls (and their parents) who probably were too young to mimic her without causing offense. I think the shirt she wore back in the day: "I'm a virgin but this is an old shirt" says it all. I'm a fan of Justin but for the record he admitted he lost his virginity when he was 14 and no one is up in arms about it so I doubt he really cared if she was or wasn't. He was being such a twat during the CMAR phase in his career that he probably only said he took her virginity to piss off her team because like I said that whole she's a virgin shit was on her PR team mostly.
  8. 5 points
    Oh wow, now there's alot of things I could say that I would like as a Britney fan. Glory was absolutely flawless, and unfortunately it seems like a rare moment when Britney releases such a gem. It's sad that this era was half ruined by more stupid team B bullshit. I'm most furious about the scrapping of the original Make Me video (isn't everyone). That video from the clips I've seen, would've been CLASSIC Britney. It was sexy, the choreography was on point, and so much more. It would've been one of her best videos. Small adjustments and edits could've been made to make Britney more comfortable and happier with the result, but classic team B's solution to a difficult situation is to scrap it all and start over. This also destroyed the original package artwork plan, which was allegedly to be done by David Lachepelle, and instead we got a hurried, Femme Fatale inspired cover by Randee St. Nicholas, using a SCREENSHOT as the front album cover. As for sales, I'm caring less and less about them these days, however, Britney Spears is Britney Spears. When we have Beyoncé (who's career is just as long and rewarding) releasing one of the most hyped albums of last year, it just makes me question alot of things with her team. Why isn't team B considering trying new publicity tactics and attempting to boost sales by keeping the album off of streaming platforms for a good 6 months? It seems Britney has let alot of good new people into her professional circle, which is how Glory was able to be made. Now she needs to throw out the rest of the rats who try to control her career or use the same old tired tricks over and over again. My perfect #B10 would be: an album with a fresh dance-pop sound, recorded by top producers, including long time collaborators like Max Martin and Bloodshy & Avant, and new producers too, who are fresh but not basic, boring, annoying and generic like the current situation of the top 40 (sorry not sorry if you like the top 40 right now lol) I want HITS next era. I want REAL promotion. And not just promotion - PUBLICITY. ALOT OF IT. OF ANY KIND. And Glory era level performances. Her BB awards performance was her best in YEARS imo. Oh, and maybe do a couple ballads you could sing LIVE to shut the haters up. I would love a Britney album recorded with her natural (and powerful, it's still there somewhere) contralto vocals. Could you imagine if she did a singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran type album with no vocal processing? She could do it. And her voice could sound even more amazing with proper training with her lower range. That's where the power in her voice hides. I'm just ranting, nothing I want will probably ever happen, which disappoints me because I just don't think people see the potential she has, even her herself. God, have you heard the clips of her singing "Open Arms" from all those years ago? After her live performance of "Something to Talk About" earlier this year, you can still hear glimpses of that in her voice. Same with everything else, her managers, everything... If she were surrounded by only people who were letting her do her thing and have fun, then we wouldn't have any "original video scrapped" dillemas. Ugh. /Rant. Here's to hoping #B10 is indeed something to talk about.
  9. 5 points
    Tis the season to be scaaaaryyyyyy yeah. I was a little broke this year but I still made it work. Here's the before. So I decided to be... Austin Powers (Yeah baby yeah!) Get weird y'all ???
  10. 5 points
    I hadn't seen the show in MONTHS because basically it was the same thing all the time BUT now after watching this I have to say: She has improved even more and I never thought it was possible She totally commands the stage instead of hiding behind her dancers Her energy is up in the sky She is sooo muscular. I can't even remember the time when she was curvy FIERCE PERFORMER!!! Btw she lost a whole piece of hair while dancing on the guitar...
  11. 5 points
  12. 5 points
    and people say she's irrelevant when she's still being name dropped on "rap" songs
  13. 5 points
  14. 5 points
    What has this forum turned into?
  15. 5 points
    I feel we should just start a general thread of her Instagram/catwalk posts instead of new one every time.
  16. 5 points
    Mmm Papi Now see I'm mommy And that make you Papi And that makes us Luvi
  17. 4 points
    I still stand by my theory about her "recreating" her albums from BOMT to Blackout but just "more adult".... BOMT- Circus (the softer pop album) Oops- FF (the grungier classic pop music, a 2.0 of the last more fierce & full of bops) Self titled- Britney Jean (basically self-titled again) [Britney was her most personal out of the first 2...BJ attempted to recapture that but didn't nail it) ITZ- Glory (The experimental, airy, trance-y vibe album w/ no direct theme but was still conceptually sonically) Blackout- B10??? So B10 would clearly be a more grown, mature Blackout. It should reflect her star power of holding pop down for 20 years, anticipating it comes out in 2018. I think she should kind of trace the lines of Janet's Control album. The song itself FITS Britney so much. That drive as well and the intro talking. If only the conservatorship ended during the making of B10. it would make HEADLINES, and now she walk around like "Now I'M in control" it could even play a nod to Overprotected. Shes not that girl anymore. But yes id love songs like... Janet's Control Trust a Try Son of a Gun If All Nite (Dont stop) Britney's Get Naked Perfect Lover Break the Ice Slave Beyonce's Love Drought Ashanti's Only U Madonna's Hung Up Sorry and more....Of course not exactly like these songs but would all be pretty decent references as far as the drive of the song, the dark undertones, serious tones etc What yall think
  18. 4 points
    I cant imagine its a new video or anything revolving new music, Britney isnt that kind of artist to really do surprise things like that. It would be GREAT if we got word that they'll be filming POM and turn it into a New Years special for TV via ABC, HBO etc.
  19. 4 points
    Piece of Me Last Dates DVD confirmed !1!111III!!! (Note the sarcasm)
  20. 4 points
    So, we know that Britney usually has a WTF song in each album that's so strange that it's somehow a banger I wanted to know which songs you think are odd but still great in each album I would say : Bomt - Soda Pop Oops - Dear Diary Britney - What It's Like to Be Me Itz - Brave New Girl Blackout - Hot as Ice Circus - Mmm Papi Ff - How I Roll Bj - Hold On Tight Glory - If I'm Dancing
  21. 4 points
    "Hey sweetie, please don't cry. What's your name? Very cool. Do you want a pic? K. Bye"
  22. 4 points
    You know, you don't have to quote the OP its annoying to have to scroll through the original post twice, especially when I'm on my phone
  23. 4 points
    DLMBTLTK is THE sexiest music video in the history of ever
  24. 4 points
    It was done differently back then. They recorded tracks back then, but rather than being digital, they actually cut and spliced actual physical tape to make a song. (I learned that in my college class about music production.) That's why a lot of 80's and 90's songs don't have stems - unless they were remastered. And if a pro tools session leaks, then it was probably recorded all digital, or they just ripped the original tapes.
  25. 4 points
    Happy 10th birthday, Blackout ... source: https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/a37vz5/britney-spears-blackout-ten-year-anniversary Ten Years On, ‘Blackout’ Is Britney Spears’ Greatest Album to Date By Niloufar Haidari, Grace Medford, Alim Kheraj, Yusuf Tamanna and Emma Garland and Lauren O'Neill A track-by-track rundown of her fifth and most 'I love sex!!' record, in all of its culturally emblematic glory. 2007 was many things for Britney Spears: dramatic, traumatic, iconic. A divorce from Kevin Federline and an exhausting custody battle over their two kids, a shotgun Vegas wedding to childhood friend Jason Alexander and a general struggle to maintain agency over her own life inevitably culminated in a heavily publicized breakdown. It was described at the time as "the most public downfall of any star in history," crystalized in a widely panned VMAs performance in which Britney half-assed it through the debut of "Gimme More" in the most perfectly articulated statement of IDGAF up to that point. It also took place in the foreground while Spears—somehow—worked on her fifth and most foreboding album Blackout. The result is—SOMEHOW—one of her greatest bodies of work to date. Released on October 25, 2007, Blackout is the first album to credit Britney as the executive producer—which makes sense, given that it has Britney all over it. Lyrically revolving around womanhood, ravenous media voyeurism, being horny and getting absolutely battered, it's a whirlwind of nihilism dressed up as the best night of your life. Every track sounds like reveling in an objectively unhealthy decision and having a lot of fun while doing it, like the smirking face emoji made audible. It's designed for sticky floors, bumming a cigarette off a stranger and doing a pick-me-up shot at 2AM before heading back onto the dancefloor with renewed vigor. It's taking downers after uppers after downers, or going home with a member of the bar staff. It buzzes with the jittery energy of someone chasing a high to avoid a problem, relentlessly consuming in retaliation to being relentlessly consumed. Essentially: Blackout is an album that disappears into its own darkness, but what you find when you're there is one shameless, endless party. Retrospectively, Blackout has been hailed as one of the most influential pop albums of its time, impacting the sonics of pop as it would continue to evolve through Lady Gaga and Kesha. In honour of its tenth birthday, we have rounded up a cast of Britney scholars to revisit Blackout track-by-track (bonus ones and all)—casting our eyes back over an album that not only stands as a definitive turning point for Britney Spears as a cultural icon, but as an emblem of the manic excess and crushing downfall of 00s celebrity culture as a whole. "GIMME MORE" Here it is: the moment Miss American Dream™ was forever shelved and replaced by a fabulous hoe in a black wig and fishnets literally moaning the phrase "IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH" while doing the absolute least with a stripper pole. Elsewhere in the video, three high society-looking blonde women (one of whom is also Britney) are excitedly making eyes at Britney and her dancers from across the room. That said, they could also be making eyes at three dudes drinking solemnly among themselves to the side. Impossible to tell. It's a small detail, almost imperceptible considering the amount of attention placed on all the hair-whipping, but perfectly encapsulates the duality of Britney's Blackout persona. Yes, it's an expression of female empowerment and desire for liberation. Equally, it's written from the gaze of someone who is very much DTF. Emma Garland "PIECE OF ME" "I'm Miss American Dream since I was 17", states Britney motherfucking Spears while wearing a cropped fur vest, fingerless leather gloves and the lowest-riding jeans seen this side of 2005. This second single from Blackout is Britney at her most self-aware, sticking two fingers up at everyone that tried to break her down. "You wanna piece of me?" she asks, making it sound like a threat, an invitation and an accusation all at the same time. "YOU WANT SOME?" The whole thing ends with Britney and her lookalikes doing a choreographed dance routine in the ladies' toilets, the stuff night-out dreams are made of. As an aside, I would like to use this opportunity to put forward a motion for Britney Spears saying "derriere" to replace 'cellar door' as the most aesthetically-pleasing term in the English language. Niloufar Haidari "RADAR" Top Shagger Britney reporting for duty. Again. "Radar" is basically about how she's spotted someone she quite fancies, actually, and now the poor bastard's in her crosshairs there's absolutely no way she won't be riding him like Shergar at her soonest possible convenience. The track oozes with the lust that permeates Blackout at a cellular level: hear it in the vocal performance (Britney's the only person who could make the phrase "interesting sense of style"—how I'd politely describe a fedora-wearing cousin's clothing preferences—sound like a filthy sext), and in the quickened heartbeat of synths so metallic they hurt your teeth. Lauren O'Neill "BREAK THE ICE" A lesser pop album, front-loaded with the early singles, would usually begin to run out of steam by track four. By the time "Break the Ice" comes around onBlackout however, it's only getting started. It's a boastful story of sexual prowess, with Britney evidently taking great pleasure in her own abilities. The heavy breathing on the chorus ("Baby, I can make you feel *breath* *breath* *breath* *breath*") doubles as an emblem for the unchained emotion of the entire album; the unashamed desire that it pulses with, like me watching the skaters outside Queens Road Peckham overground. Lauren O'Neill "HEAVEN ON EARTH" Straight out the gate with a beat like a crossover between New Order's "Blue Monday" and Boogie Pimps "Somebody to Love," this is a euphoric banger that sounds like that rush of a new, early-days love. Rumor has it that Britney found the song hard to record because of its romantic lyrical content and her recent separation from hot-loser second husband K-Fed, but it eventually became her favourite track on the album. I hope she's singing it to her 23-year-old beefcake Iranian boyfriend as she lives her best life. Nilu Haidari "GET NAKED (I GOT A PLAN)" The fizzing debauchery here—popping 808s, dirty house of horrors synths, Britney's almost pornographic purring—was like an aural fantasy of how, as a young gay boy, I imagined every gay club to be: sweaty anonymous bodies grinding up on each other while people casually cop off in the corners. More than that, though, "Get Naked"—with its cocky lyrics and demented production—is the perfect summation of all of Blackout's parts. Its scorching explicitness ("If I get on top, you're gonna lose your mind / The way I put it down on you, you know should be a crime") was Britney pulling at the shackles clasped on her years before, while Danja and his team of pop wizards crafted a new life for her. In this way, Blackout is the perfect metaphor for an young gay kid learning to reject heteronormativity. Get naked… Would you mind? Hell no. Alim Kheraj "FREAKSHOW" Britney Spears the Rapper gets a run-out on "Freakshow," and while it's not her crowning achievement (that's this—and also this—naturally), it's very close. It's well-trod territory to say Britney's "not the world's strongest singer" but her voice shines particularly bright against the sparse, bass-y production here. Also, as an attention-seeking Aries, this is my national anthem—nothing but respect for MY sexy, exhibitionist President. Lauren O'Neill "TOY SOLDIER" This song is about cum. More specifically, it's about wanting an absolute warrior in the sheets; a well-trained sex person to do you right after a series of encounters with the sort of "toy soldiers" who make jokes about men who are bad in bed but whose idea of a good night's work is sticking it in dry and jackrabbiting for 35 minutes. Britney, the people's representative, has heard your complaints. She's heard them and she's come through with an inspirational thot anthem to remind you of what you deserve. Emma Garland "HOT AS ICE" Despite having watched every sweary episode of the Britney and Kevin reality show Chaotic (with my mum, in embarrassed silence), I was still pretty shocked and thrilled the first time I heard the barely distorted use of the word "fuckery" on "Hot As Ice." If it's shocks and thrills you want, this song has you more sorted than the Deliveroo guy who shows up when you're dry-mouthed the morning after. There are strange, panting "ah-ah-ooh-ah" vocalizations, the "pew-pew" sound effects, the fact that the whole thing sounds like a twisted electro-hymn complete with gospel style call-and-response parts. But my favorite is the way Britney refers herself to as a "living legend." It's like she knew one day this record would be added to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame archives in 2012 alongside universally people like The Beatles and Amy Winehouse? Grace Medford "OOH OOH BABY" If you find yourself offended by what I'm about to say, consider your feelings irrelevant and incorrect: "Ooh Ooh Baby" is a better version of "Womanizer"—breathy, racy, sexy, with lyrics that you can enjoy both as an unsuspecting 11-year-old and as a fully-formed adult deviant ("I can feel you on my lips / I can feel you deep inside"). Contrary to accepted music history, Spears actually invented the use of the word 'baby' in music, and in "Ooh Ooh Baby" she uses the word no less than EIGHTY-SEVEN TIMES – over a flamenco guitar, no less. Nilu Haidari "PERFECT LOVER" When people talk about Blackout very rarely do they mention "Perfect Lover." This ends now. Not only is it an undeniable banger, but it's also one of the best songs Britney has ever recorded. I've always seen it as the older, wiser and less inhibited sister to "Breathe on Me" (another of Britney's greatest). This isn't a saccharine ode to love and doesn't try subtly flirt with the idea of relationships either—seeing a theme yet?? It's about the raw, animalistic nature of sex, plain and simple. Shagging. And what I love most about it is that Britney is the one calling the shots. Yusuf Tamanna "WHY SHOULD I BE SAD" Maybe the most direct and overt song in the Britney canon, this deals explicitly with the breakdown of her marriage to former backing dancer Kevin Federline over a Neptunes beat that brings the main body of the record to a mellow ending. "Why should I be sad?" asks Britney, after listing off all the things it would be more than understandable for her to be sad about. "Why should I get mad? Feel sad? Who knows!" she continues, metaphorically shoving all her issues into an over-filled cupboard, slamming the door quickly and hearing them thud against the back, but holding shut until the next time she opens it, forgetting all about them, and they crash around her shoulders. Of all the life lessons I have learned from Britney over the years—and they have been numerous!—the blasé attitude to trauma outlined in the lyrics of this song has been the most valuable. Grace Medford "OUTTA THIS WORLD" Perhaps rightly relegated to bonus track territory, "Outta This World" is a rarity among the songs that Britney and Danja worked on. Lyrically there are no wonky sexual come-ons or snarling rebuttals—just breathy admissions of affection. Ultimately, though, "Outta This World" fits in with Blackout's mission to create a fantasy world for Britney to inhabit. While her personal life spiralled, the album was meant to be an escape from the relentlessly creepy gaze of the hundreds of cameras and troglodyte Perez Hilton wannabes (and Hilton himself, tbh) who charted her every perceived misstep. The romanticized lyrics—harking back to a Britney long since destroyed by the fame machine—couldn't have been further from the experiences of the newly separated mother of two. But then whatBlackout does so well is take you somewhere else, whether that's to the club sniffing poppers with your shirt off or to a fucking castle full of fairytale romance. Alim Kheraj "EVERYBODY" Yes! A laser effect-laden banger about rubbing your butt on someone in the club assembled upon a sample of Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)"! This is the future liberals want! Written by Britney and J R Rotem—who she enlisted to work on the album after hearing Rihanna's "SOS"—the song was originally offered to Rihanna and The Cheetah Girls before being downgraded to a bonus track. Which is a shame, really, because Britney singing "The night is still young to be seduced" in the melody of "Some of them want to be abused" before immediately sliding into a Nelly Furtado "Promiscuous"-era rap verse punctuated by a flurry of air horns deserves to be canon. Emma Garland "GET BACK" Rumor has it that this was originally meant to be the album's lead single, before "Gimme More" became anthemic, obvs. So in the grand scheme of things I'm not mad they relegated this to a bonus track. "Get Back" can come off like a Danja feat. Britney song because the production is really where the magic is, even if it does feel and sound very 2007. But still! The part where the beat's slowed down and then springs back into action continues to give me chills today. B-girl also holds her own rap/singing the verses and commanding everyone to get their ass on the dance floor and really, it's hard to say no. Yusuf Tamanna
  26. 4 points
    I think wearing that bomt-like outfit on her insta gave her back her powers
  27. 4 points
    Wow, she looks amazing in that gif, I love her hair.
  28. 4 points
    Well she's been on TV since she was 8 so technically she's been doing this for 27 years. It's just to us it's going on 20 yrs since her debut single
  29. 4 points
    Oh god are we still talking about Reg Jones. Eh, it's none of our business. Totally normal for a girl to have sex with her high school boyfriend
  30. 4 points
    I was wondering where you'd been too, hopefully u start coming on more often, we need another voice of sanity, lol And yeah, it's sad what this place is turning into.
  31. 4 points
    Ok....but what the hell does that have to do with her painting a picture, is it supposed to imply that her managers held a gun to her head and forced her to paint a picture, lmao, I know we as fans like to think we know Britney personally but the reality is we DON'T, so the fans like the one u quoted in this comment and maybe even yourself, sound completely psychotic with these conspiracy theories acting like Britney is some prisoner whose team and label force every single thing she does!!!!
  32. 4 points
    You also mentioned something about doctors, you're sentence wasn't very clear so I don't exactly know what u were implying with it, but the fact u chose to bring up doctors on just a cute video of her painting is what I consider out of line.
  33. 4 points
    I think it's just something she enjoys
  34. 4 points
    Praying for the original Perfume and Make Me videos to leak
  35. 4 points
    Yesterday, i performed the entire BOMT music video choreography in the shower! It was so fun. I think the neighbors were looking to see me naked or something. When I shower next month I will dance to TOMH. I hope i slay the blackflip like BBMAney and not like Apple Festivalney lol
  36. 4 points
    A woke king I completely agree with you though, like, when Justin revealed that he had had sex with her the scandal was that Britney wasn't a virgin, you know? No one gave a shit about Justin not being a virgin either. That's sexism at its best, women are expected to stay "pure" in order to be fully valuable but men can do whatever they like, it's so unfair and it disgustes me that so many people haven't realised that yet.
  37. 4 points
    I was just about to post this +Selfish Imma show u tonight That Im a girl and ur a boy and tonight u gon be my be my man +DDB Steamin like a pot full of vegetables
  38. 3 points
    Could also be that Britney has no interest in doing anything more than what she is. I know we all like to blame the team a lot, but Britney's a grown-up and is most likely involved in a lot (if not all) of these decisions.
  39. 3 points
  40. 3 points
    Doesn't this just mean that she's creating the choreography that will appear in that game? I don't think she's actually working WITH Britney, she's just creating a choreography for a Britney song that will appear in that game.
  41. 3 points
    She looks great, she really needs to stick with lighter make up, looks so much younger and fresher. Its great what she's doing, it's such a worthy cause, what she did is gonna help a lot of kids and their families!!
  42. 3 points
  43. 3 points
    Well...that's one way to come out and send the message to eveyone without actually saying it... anyways his sisters name is Ursula !
  44. 3 points
    Video Was Created & Uploaded By Love Britney Spears
  45. 3 points
    She looks amazing and is moving well, but she still doesn't remember half the choreography.
  46. 3 points
    The reviews to each song give me life tbh. This album is sassy af, even to this day, and I love listening to it when I want to feel the same. Gimme gimme moah
  47. 3 points
    Thank you for blessing us with this beautiful Sunday service Godney bless you
  48. 3 points
    Yes clearly out of the two of us I'm the messy one
  49. 3 points
    @MonaLisa613 @MakeMySugarFall Sometimes I need to step away from the forums, with all the stupidity and negativity and the lack of caring from anyone to get rid of it IE this OP. @☆☆☆CélineDijon☆☆☆ I have no issue bumping your stupid post so the rest of the members can see what a true idiot you are. Do you know Britney at all? Who are you to decide she isn't happy? Do you not know that girlfriend has been doodling flowers like this forever? Using her favorite colors (blue and pink)? Maybe if you spent more time getting to know the person you claim to be a fan of (because that is your claim by making an account on a website dedicated to a pop star) and less time trying to analyze things to appear knowledgeable, people would take your opinions more seriously and less like a stupid, idiotic troll.
  50. 3 points
    I also think for her it's just a way to relax, to escape the stress for a while