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    Someone pretended to be Britney Spears‘ manager Larry Rudolph – and got away with over four dozen songs. According to newly surfaced documents obtained by TMZ, the thief impersonated Larry in emails sent to RCA Records, creating a fake email address ([email protected]) and tricking label reps into sending music. The imposter reportedly received 49 digital files. Cops tell TMZ that the suspect got away with 12 tracks intended for Britney‘s Glory, which was released in August of 2016. The Los Angeles Police Department obtained a search warrant back in October of 2016 and June 2017 to search AOL and Microsoft records for the suspect’s email account. There is now a suspect – and he’s an attorney studying intellectual property law at UCLA. http://www.justjared.com/2017/11/30/someone-pretending-to-be-britney-spears-manager-received-49-unreleased-songs-from-her-record-label/ how come I never thought of that to get unreleased songs
  4. 7 points
    If he leaked it ( especially from glory) I would start a gofundme to pay his legal fees
  5. 7 points
    I'm so happy! I thought it was like a tour exclusive or that it would cost like $50! Also, Fergies album is amazing!
  6. 6 points
    There's a rumors about Britney wanting to leave RCA Records and sign a contract with another record label. (probably to Columbia Records. ) Check out this tweet from Hugh McIntyre (he writes about music on Forbes) It's just a rumor, but what do you guys think?
  7. 6 points
    YESSSSSS PLEASE. And please Britney leave some of your team behind with it! RCA hasn't been good for her career and it seems like the last couple of albums and eras have been plagued with problems... Take control Brit! Give us your best queen!
  8. 6 points
    Omg I hope she gets out. Ever since she left Jive it's been downhill
  9. 6 points
    Oh wow, now there's alot of things I could say that I would like as a Britney fan. Glory was absolutely flawless, and unfortunately it seems like a rare moment when Britney releases such a gem. It's sad that this era was half ruined by more stupid team B bullshit. I'm most furious about the scrapping of the original Make Me video (isn't everyone). That video from the clips I've seen, would've been CLASSIC Britney. It was sexy, the choreography was on point, and so much more. It would've been one of her best videos. Small adjustments and edits could've been made to make Britney more comfortable and happier with the result, but classic team B's solution to a difficult situation is to scrap it all and start over. This also destroyed the original package artwork plan, which was allegedly to be done by David Lachepelle, and instead we got a hurried, Femme Fatale inspired cover by Randee St. Nicholas, using a SCREENSHOT as the front album cover. As for sales, I'm caring less and less about them these days, however, Britney Spears is Britney Spears. When we have Beyoncé (who's career is just as long and rewarding) releasing one of the most hyped albums of last year, it just makes me question alot of things with her team. Why isn't team B considering trying new publicity tactics and attempting to boost sales by keeping the album off of streaming platforms for a good 6 months? It seems Britney has let alot of good new people into her professional circle, which is how Glory was able to be made. Now she needs to throw out the rest of the rats who try to control her career or use the same old tired tricks over and over again. My perfect #B10 would be: an album with a fresh dance-pop sound, recorded by top producers, including long time collaborators like Max Martin and Bloodshy & Avant, and new producers too, who are fresh but not basic, boring, annoying and generic like the current situation of the top 40 (sorry not sorry if you like the top 40 right now lol) I want HITS next era. I want REAL promotion. And not just promotion - PUBLICITY. ALOT OF IT. OF ANY KIND. And Glory era level performances. Her BB awards performance was her best in YEARS imo. Oh, and maybe do a couple ballads you could sing LIVE to shut the haters up. I would love a Britney album recorded with her natural (and powerful, it's still there somewhere) contralto vocals. Could you imagine if she did a singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran type album with no vocal processing? She could do it. And her voice could sound even more amazing with proper training with her lower range. That's where the power in her voice hides. I'm just ranting, nothing I want will probably ever happen, which disappoints me because I just don't think people see the potential she has, even her herself. God, have you heard the clips of her singing "Open Arms" from all those years ago? After her live performance of "Something to Talk About" earlier this year, you can still hear glimpses of that in her voice. Same with everything else, her managers, everything... If she were surrounded by only people who were letting her do her thing and have fun, then we wouldn't have any "original video scrapped" dillemas. Ugh. /Rant. Here's to hoping #B10 is indeed something to talk about.
  10. 5 points
    Actually some of her best songs are on Britney Jean......why even lie Hold On Tight is LIFE! Work Bitch is Iconic. I could go on.
  11. 5 points
    Hey all. I'm making this a masterpost for INFORMATION about Britney's unreleased materials. Download links will obviously not be available, some are unleaked. What IS leaked can be found in the appropriate masterpost thread. Will be updating with more info as time goes on!! PRE-FAME ...BABY ONE MORE TIME OOPS! ...I DID IT AGAIN Will be updated with more info soon! BRITNEY Will be updated with more info soon! IN THE ZONE Will be updated with more info soon! CHAOTIC/ORIGINAL DOLL Will be updated with more info soon! BLACKOUT Will be updated with more info soon! CIRCUS Will be updated with more info soon! FEMME FATALE Will be updated with more info soon! BRITNEY JEAN Will be updated with more info soon! GLORY Will be updated with more info soon! B10 Will be updated with more info soon!
  12. 5 points
    I've always loved Britney Jean and Body Ache is my guilty pleasure (I say guilty because everyone hates it) but I think the problem with it is that Britney can do waaaay better. She has such a flawless discography that it makes Britney Jean sound like shit. #Justice4ItShouldBeEasy
  13. 5 points
    It's not THAT bad. I think it's the worst of her albums but I still listen to it sometimes. And it did give us the ultimate workout song! Sometimes I feel like ppl forget that.
  14. 5 points
    It's an okey album, nothing special really... It's marketed as her most personal album ever... But it's not even that personal and I think that's why it's kind of "hated" Also, the vocals are a mess
  15. 5 points
    One of her best products. It’s super cool. I really hope that they make something similar for her 20 year anniversary.
  16. 5 points
    I don't think this is true. But if it is, it would make Britney and her team look terribly desperate to try and put Brit back out there. I mean you can't lie to yourself, and if you do your just being ridiculous. Everything Justin touches turns to gold, and is an automatic hit. It could turn out one of two ways. 1. It goes as planned and Justin will boom her up for a little with the new single/promo And his huge audience of fans will love her, or 2. Britney will refuse to promote/perform and Justin will still be good in the eyes of all, and his wide range of fans, will let Britney have it for lack of promo/ him teaming up with a "has been"or say she's just trying to make herself "relevent" by teaming up with him, even though we know shes talked about every second of the day.
  17. 5 points
    Don't know if it's new, but two pictures from Britney's music video Everytime were leaked. The pictures belong to David LaChapelle new book "Lost + Found".
  18. 5 points
    I really hope she does change labels (if her handlers and her father let her...) maybe FINALLY after over 15 years she can actually have control over her career, sing in her natural voice and do what she fucking wants! Britney is treated like shit by RCA and Jive when they'd be nothing without her. She's the queen of pop and she needs to be fucking treated like it.
  19. 5 points
  20. 5 points
    Bout time she leaves that company if this is true. Maybe then she'd get that much needed promotion on her future singles and albums
  21. 5 points
  22. 4 points
    lmao full story here: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/paris-hilton-lindsay-lohan-crashed-my-night-with-britney-spears/
  23. 4 points
    Ummmm, note to Radar Online....Sean Preston is the older brother, Jayden James is the younger one, if they can’t even get that correct, do they really expect us to believe the rest of this bullshit, lol
  24. 4 points
    In a couple of days I'm traveling to Los Angeles and Las Vegas to see Britney and I wanted to make a little hype video for myself! I can't believe that it's been 6 years since I last saw her I love making videos, so please give me some feedback!
  25. 4 points
    tbh most of us would like BJ better if Britney marketed as a just for fun album and expectations wouldn't have been so high for personal
  26. 4 points
    Work Bitch is still a bop, one of her best singles tbh. Body Ache is also a guilty pleasure of mine Passenger would be flawless without Myah Marie (those stems need to leak tbh) Perfume Dreaming Mix is still flawless Now that I Found You (which was almost released as a single and it should've been) slays This would've been a much better album without Shit.I.am. Still salty he ruined Alien (the leaked version was a thousand times better)
  27. 4 points
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  29. 4 points
    who knew the people at RCA were so dumb I hope some of the old stuff leaks cuz we've been waiting forever
  30. 4 points
  31. 4 points
    As happy as I am she's got her privacy I really missed seeing candids. She looks cute! Hope they enjoyed the game
  32. 4 points
    well at this point I'll take anything except for Katy Perry
  33. 4 points
    Fuck Justin Bieber. If she wants to go urban just go with an actual urban peformer. Not that hard. Not that complicated.
  34. 4 points
    Please don't be true... I don't want JB to benefit from Britney's talent
  35. 4 points
    Britney made it to this year's Rolling Stone: "The Hot List " as the Hot Heroine. Check out the rest of the list here.
  36. 4 points
  37. 4 points
    I hope she changes label, she deserves better. She's the queen of pop after all!
  38. 4 points
    Maybe she didn’t care at the time... Femme Fatale was our last successful album it was released when she was still with Jive. She was still going through stuff at that time. So when she signed with RCA maybe she just didn’t care. Now I think she does. We can obviously see with the improvement in her dance moves and giving us the fire back in her performances. The 2016 Billboard performance was everything we could have dreamed of for years. One of her best performances ever. I think if she can join a label under a different kind of contract then she could take more control.
  39. 4 points
    If changing label means that her music is going to be promoted more, more singles, videos and everything, I am here for it
  40. 4 points
    I don't care which label she might be going to sign with, I just want her to be treated like a QUEEN. The marketing strategies can kick it up a notch.
  41. 4 points
    Jive shut down, so all of their artists kind of didn't get much of a say. I wish she would've just not renewed her contract (to transition into RCA at least) and let it lapse and then search for a reputable label that could provide all of the resources she needed
  42. 4 points
    Christina was rumored to want out too. Wouldn't be surprised. We'll see.
  43. 4 points
    I wouldn't be mad if she switched labels tbh
  44. 4 points
    Please laawd let this be true!! they have no idea what they’re doing with her. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  45. 4 points
    If this post isn't me then I don't know what is.
  46. 4 points
  47. 4 points
    Exactly. I’ve long started to believe this is how she wants to be: make music, be with her boys, generally take it easier/slower. I don’t think we’re ever going to see a massive ITZ-style renaissance from her again. And that’s cool with me because, as you mentioned, we got amazing albums and a stellar career from her for years longer than most artists last!
  48. 4 points
    Could also be that Britney has no interest in doing anything more than what she is. I know we all like to blame the team a lot, but Britney's a grown-up and is most likely involved in a lot (if not all) of these decisions.
  49. 3 points
    Audacity cut function (delete all JB parts....) can save it tho
  50. 3 points
    I'm down for it tbh but if we get a copy paste thing like fancy and pretty girls where they sound almost exact, then i'm done