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  1. 11 likes
    If you want any real mic feed from POM, play ANY video you can possibly find from ANY night, turn the sound off and there you go!
  2. 8 likes
    Going to watch and die of alcohol poisoning because I'm taking shots of vodka everytime I'm disappointed
  3. 8 likes
    And that's how classy women handles it
  4. 8 likes
    In this petty world where Katy Perry claims to be a social justice hero and a feminist but then makes fun of Britney's breakdown and Beyonce's fans discredit Adele just because she was given one award over her our queen remains unbothered, humble and out of every kind of drama. Her career choices might be a bit frustrating sometimes, but I'm just glad I stan for this woman
  5. 8 likes
    we've been wining the polls for like 6 years now, maybe if she actually loses the poll she might get interested in actually doing it
  6. 8 likes
  7. 7 likes
    Team Britney wyd Glory had potential and y'all are ending it with Slumber Party? Mood Ring for fucks sake? We haven't even had anything leak, we're so damn thirsty, and this was just like... a huge "indian giver". Like you gave us this great album, a lot of promo, but... 2 singles? 'So now what are we waiting on? Some 4 track EP with one single which is gonna be Mood Ring? Why can't y'all just let Britney do what she wants while keeping around 3 or 4 singles an era If y'all would release two singles BEFORE the album, then we could get a third and fourth single So now, what the fuck are we waiting on? Just Piece of Me performances to keep us going? Y'all could give me B in the Mix vol 3 feat Burka Joanne and Gloria and I'd be happy Pretty Girls music video version bonus track. But on the real y'all know we just want unreleased content already Like the Perfume video I'm so fed up with y'all tbh Like we stan so hard and we get nothing for it I literally wanna fight some of her staff tbh Or just her record label people
  8. 7 likes
    Her comments are really disgusting and I'm not even saying this as a Britney fan. Joking about someone's mental health, especially another woman's when she's suppose to be some pillar of feminism and equality is really disturbing and shows her true character and personality.
  9. 7 likes
    the only extra you'll get this year, is a new contract for two more years in vegas
  10. 7 likes
    Okey. I missed a chapter but i'm kind of glad Anthony is back tbh Let's stop the drama please, we're all Britney fans, at least that's what i think. There's still some stupid trolls who need to be taken care of, but whatev. Hope this really is a new chapter in Britney's fanbase.
  11. 7 likes
    I honestly don't think Myah sounds like Britney there's quite a distinct difference
  12. 7 likes
  13. 6 likes
    Not the best look but I think she deserves a pass, considering what her family just went through!!
  14. 6 likes
    wondering which drugs you need to a) get the idea for this video and b) watch this for an hour straight
  15. 6 likes
    This is so incredibly sad and heartbreaking, wow. Praying for Maddie and a full, healthy recovery.
  16. 6 likes
    Seriously, it's not even funny how much I love this album, how can I still enjoy this much something that's been playing non stop for the last 6 months? It's overwhelmingly good and I will never get over how it was ignored by basically everyone who's not in this fandom, sometimes the world can be so unfair and ugly But it's ok, it feels good to stan an unknown underground indie soundcloud artist, keep slaying Gloryney
  17. 6 likes
  18. 6 likes
    What if Britney surprised everyone with an unannounced Gimme More performance? It's going to be 10 years since that performance so why not kick it to the curb with a great performance of it? (Plus a 3rd single performance wouldn't hurt )
  19. 6 likes
    I really really REALLY need something iconic to happen this year, these ten years need to be celebrated somehow
  20. 6 likes
    she doesn't dress like a mom at POM though
  21. 6 likes
  22. 6 likes
    Whatever 1Kissgoodnight said... he has absolutely nothing unique about his looks if anything hes overworked... When you have this kind of a physique you have 2 options until you die : 1. Keep working out and dieting forever to maintain it. 2. Let it go because this muscle mass becomes soggy and fat if you stop working out... Thats the downside to heavylifting... a perfect guy would be educated, well manners, 50s old school , family person, sophisticated style, adventerous , loyal, down to earth, handy and a loner would be intriguing etc etc this ones just a fuck boy that britney plays with and he turns on gay guys who like a cheap fuck session
  23. 6 likes
    great. He lifts weights or whatever. That looks nice to an extent. What does he know? What life experiences does he have? Is he a caring, compassionate and honest person? Does he know how to treat her well? Seriously..anybody can get into shape with a few months in the gym... but a gym won't change a douchebags personality.
  24. 6 likes
    late sommer 2017 : do you wanna come over - feat. will.i.am and iggy azelea
  25. 5 likes
    Yeah welcome! you need to know this : 1. This is also an Ashley Tisdale forum. 2. We call Britney's 7th album Flawless Fatale. 3. Heidi Montag is an iconic queen of music. [emoji14] 4. #BlackoutHatney is a thing. 5. Before asking for something check the megaposts. 6. I rule the No Holds Barred section. Enjoy your stay!
  26. 5 likes
  27. 5 likes
    I'm not from the USA and I don't have that channel so... But if someone provides some links after it airs I might watch it, you know, just for the laughs
  28. 5 likes
    How come she won her first VMA in 2008? Like, really, HOW? Baby One More Time, Oops I Did It Again, I'm a Slave 4 U, Toxic, they're all incredibly iconic and successful songs and videos, how could she not win any award for them? It's beyond me, seriously, especially considering that her performances there are some of the most legendary moments of the VMA's. She's been robbed her entire career and it makes me sad and mad
  29. 5 likes
    She seems like a nice person tbh, it's not her fault if the film sucks and if some facts may be wrong or exaggerated or anything, i hope y'all wont drag her on internet once the movie is out. She didn't even know she would be playing Britney, they only told her when she got the role, and she learned everything she could in a week to portray her the best and you can see she genuinely likes Britney. She's just a young actress who had an opportunity, and who would refuse to play Britney TBH. So please, no hate.
  30. 5 likes
    No but you guys need to read the whole quote, it's amazing! A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. That's how you flawlessly respond to hate in a classy way
  31. 5 likes
    OH MY GOD, WAIT, That's Max Martin, I hadn't recognized him, I hope they talked about collaborating again, just one song and I'll be happy
  32. 5 likes
    Something relevant needs to happen, this fandom is too bored
  33. 5 likes
    According to people Maddie has survived the accident and is already talking
  34. 5 likes
    and a new Fantasy scent. Give the girl some credit
  35. 5 likes
    Thank god! I wish her a continued healthy recovery.
  36. 5 likes
    Y'all know the drill. Keep watching this shit on repeat Those numbers are TOO DAMN LOW. We hit 0.25 mil FOREVER ago and we're just now at 0.27 mil. Y'all betta watch the flawfree masterpiece and get it certified Y'all should be streaming it on Spotify too, bring it back on the charts. Buy it on iTunes for all your friends. Let's do this. We can make it happen. #DLMBTLTK2K17 It gets
  37. 5 likes
    I love that line so much.... something about it, her voice, ... really love it!
  38. 5 likes
    She is such a queen, there's literally no one else in the industry with a personality this quirky, slightly awkward and unique, she's just amazing
  39. 5 likes
    @HeadstrongWolf I mean Just Luv Me is a great song, but it wouldn't be my first choice as the next single. I'd prefer Love Me Down, Change Your Mind, or DYWCO? but let's be real.. at this point I'll take whatever I get and I'll be happy with it as long as I get it!!!
  40. 5 likes
    That 6 years ago today, Slay It Against Me went #1
  41. 5 likes
    Unbothered queen of titties No but really, I'm glad she seemed ok and she just fixed it, I was afraid she'd feel terrible when she noticed it but she just went on with the song as if nothing had happened!
  42. 5 likes
    I think they had valid points and all of those things contribute to MM not performing as well as it could have. Videos are important and can generate a lot of interest in the song. However at some point we have to come to the realization that she just isn't as relevant to the GP now as she used to, because the audience has changed. I felt the switch a few years ago from our gen to the next gen. We're no longer in control, and the artists that we stan for are considered "too old" and they move on to the next best thing so fast these days. Britney is lucky to have lasted as long as she has, and still be as relevant as she is, but she ain't ever gonna be on top again like she used to, even if she were to dance better than she ever has and sing every word live with absolute perfect pitch. She could still be doing better than she is tho, if her team weren't so fucking clueless and she wasn't so slack.
  43. 5 likes
    the only thing i can do with the sims is getting them killed and you design music videos but it looks good tbh
  44. 5 likes
    Anyway, the first pic slays so damn hard, I've been waiting for her to wear the Private Show outfit for the sexy section ever since the commercial was released!
  45. 5 likes
    Most, if not all, of blackout was recorded before 2007. Hell, she was pregnant with jayden when she recorded gimme more. I really like Shane and I think he's a genuine, causal fan, but he needs to stop these myah conspiracies if he's going to keep giving the same false information
  46. 5 likes
  47. 5 likes
    Ya'll are reading WAY into it lol...now it turns into "I think she was crying"...like no. She had a wardrobe malfunction and was prob like ugh thats it lol
  48. 4 likes
    How was this bop not #1 in every country it was released in? How are the video views still under 200M? How are there people who dislike this song? Why is this bop pure pop dance perfection in every way? Enjoy.
  49. 4 likes
  50. 4 likes
    What kind of fuckery ... So all the writers and producers who worked with Britney and discussed how great she was to work with were lying? Ok, random guy trying to make a name off of Britney's lol. Tbh, I think Blackout was the last album that sounded inherently like Britney, especially if you listen to it right after listening to ITZ. This guy's crazy.