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    Everyone has this "epiphany" every era and no one is ever right. Now, more than ever, it's farther from the truth. Britney didn't go to Vegas to retire. She's wanted a show in Vegas since 2003. She went to Vegas to fulfill one of her dreams and have a more stable environment for her children. Britney has always hated the promo side of the business, the paparazzi side, and all of that. She earned her dues to not have to do heavy promo if she doesn't want to. She built an empire for herself, and it's about time she's able to enjoy it. Yes, she does music for fans and because it's fun, yes she doesn't care about being the top girl, no that doesn't mean she's ready to retire. She can't even sing her song live? Where have you been her entire career? She's never been known as the girl that sings live, she's known as the girl that puts on a hell of a show. She still does that, and she's not stopping anytime soon. She may slow down to enjoy her life, but that doesn't mean she's going to retire at 35.
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    Honestly, what she went through in 2007 truly was traumatic, along with being completely battered by both media and the public, it's a miracle she came out of it alive and not every one recovers from such heavy shit overnight, for some people it can take years!! I think that's what we're witnessing with Brit, little by little she's finding herself again, she's getting comfortable putting herself out there again, expressing herself again, so to me it's not that surprising, it was bound to happen and here's hoping it'll just get better and better as time goes on.
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    There's always that 1 fan that thinks she's gonna retire after every era. She has proven time and time again that she is a legend and here to stay. Her peak is past, true, but she has solidified her legion of adoring fans who will continue to enjoy her art. I can't wait for what's next from miss Britney Spears!
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    Honestly, this is the Britney I want to see right now tbh. She could do this for 70% of the show with just a few really great dance numbers and I'd be more than happy. She actually has better stage presence here and shines when she's just feeling out the song rather than trying to be a "character".
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    I was there tonight, my 1st time seeing her...Holy shit it was amazing. This cover was an amazing surprise too.
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    Came here to say this. It's the same thing every time. Britney isn't going to retire. She's even said herself that she wants to do many more albums...
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    I actually did feel that Circus was too soon, she pretty much went from the psych ward to promo and a tour, now obviously we're just outsiders looking in and can only speculate but back than I did feel she should have been given some time.
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    tbh, the closest I've got to hearing Britney sing live is her singing over the top of Everytime during the Circus tour. I can't imagine hearing an entire song with JUST her live vocals and not even any backing vocalists right there in person.
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    Full performance Omg Britney loves to surprise us lately People in this POM show were really blessed by the touch of Godney
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    Love how she got personal before going into the song. totally unexpected.
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    The obsession with the breakdown really needs to die off, like yes it happened but it was like two years of her life, there's much more positive stuff to focus on. And if they insist on rehashing that bad period, they could at least give her amazing turnaround more than a small paragraph.
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    I wouldn't call it over till Vegas ends Although the real era ended after Slumber Party, but I'm gonna officially call the end of the era once she does her last show in Vegas because that might be the last time she performs songs from Glory Honestly this is sad, but I think Britney is one of those artists where she doesn't create music for teens/kids now so they don't pay attention to her or buy her music. They think she's "old" because she debuted before their time For example, look at Joanne, Lady Gaga released John Wayne and the era ended and The Cure came out. Older artists (before 2009) are releasing about 2-3 singles from an album and then ending the era Which is sad to see because they're the reasons artists today exist. I hope she's going to release another for her BOMT debut cuz thats gonna slayyyyyyyy
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    you keep rehashing this subject can we just move on from it?
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    I think its because Britney is on all the songs. It seems like the mixing bumped up the background singer more to the level of the lead vocal and that if Britney' s vocals were completely missing at any point it was only for like one word, one run or something. That's not a very easy thing to prove, it's not a good article either PLUS NEWS FLASH Britney's not the only artists this happened to, it also happens with J.Lo and Rihanna IMO. So if they called Britney out they'd also have to mention them or it would seem like a witch hunt. Finally most music journalists know that Britney could sing (and she proved it with the glory album and her two random fully live performances this year) so they would lose credibility if they accused her of something that's not true. The real question is why did it happen during the BJ sessions. My theories have always been that she either ran out of time to fix up her mistakes in the studio because of POM, something happened to the original final takes when they went to mix and she didn't have time to correct it before the label wanted the album out, or she was extremely pissed at them changing the direction of the album last minute and out of protest refused to go back and pick up her vocals.
  19. 5 likes
    No. I don't like JB. Plus this: she hasn't released a fully solo song since Perfume (Pretty Girls with Igh, Tom's Diner- technically she was a feature on Moroder's album, Make me with G-eazy and Slumber party with tinashe.) I'm fine with her collabing with people on her albums but she does need to stand on her own for singles because it's hard to define her new sound if she keeps this up and it makes it like these other artists are carrying her when she is good enough to go alone like she always has.
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    I pity the poor soul that had to transcribe that Q&A session for the magazine. I hope they were drunk enough
  21. 5 likes
    So check this out, we have got new Britney music officially released or leaked songs every single year since her debut in 1998: 1998: ...Baby One More Time 1999: 13 Baby songs + I'm So Curious + (You Drive Me) Crazy Remix 2000: 15 Oops songs + Walk On By + My Only Wish (This Year) 2001: 15 Britney songs + Intimidated + What's Going On; She'll Never Be Me first started circulating as a demo around this time. 2002: Technically nothing, but we did get the Boys and Overprotected remixes. 2003: 16 In The Zone songs; It Feels Nice (the Punk'd Rap) leaks, as well as a remix of "Guilty". 2004: 2 new songs for My Prerogative (since IJBHMF was a ITZ DVD bonus track) 2005: 4 Chaotic EP songs + And Then We Kiss (Junkie XL Remix) 2006: Crazy with K-Fed; we get snippets of "Little Me" and "Rebellion" and full versions of "Get It" and "Luv The Hurt Away" 2007: 15 Blackout songs + "Britney Spears Calls Thrill" album interlude; official version of "She'll Never Be Me" leaks, alongside Blackout outtakes "State Of Grace", "Untitled Lullaby" (Baby Boy), "Sippin' On" (feat. AC), "To Love Let Go", "Hooked On" (Sugarfall), "Kiss Me All Over" and "Pull Out" (When You Gon' Pull It). 2008: A whopping 18 Circus songs; "All That She Wants" leaks alongside a version of "Dramatic" featuring Heidi Montag's vocals. 2009: 3 is released 2010: Official version of "Dramatic" leaks, alongside "Britney" outtakes "Am I A Sinner", "Mad Love" and "When I Say So". Britney's demo version of "Telephone" also leaks, becoming the most illegally downloaded song in the world. 2011: 17 Femme Fatale songs + S&M Remix with Rihanna; "And Then We Kiss" and "Sippin' On" leak in September in their original "In The Zone" incarnations, while "911", "Abroad", "Dangerous", "Everyday" and "Rockstar" leak in October. "Just Let Me Go" (Love 2 Love U) and "Strangest Love" leak in December on Britney's birthday and Christmas, respectively. A remixed version of "Burning Up" also leaks, as well as a snippet of "Welcome To Me". 2012: Scream & Shout; Snippets of "My Big Secret" and "Peep Show" leaked, alongside full versions of "Look Who's Talking Now" and "Money Love and Happiness". "Ouch" and "This Kiss" leaked as snippets shortly before leaking in full. "Pleasure You" also leaked, edited to include former Britney collaborator Don Philip's vocals on the track. 2013: Ooh La La + 13 Britney Jean songs + SMS (Bangerz) 2014: "Unbroken" leaks, alongside the original version of "Burning Up" and the full version of "Welcome To Me". 2015: Pretty Girls + Tom's Diner; original version of "Guilty" leaks, as well as "In The Zone" outtake "Conscience". 2016: Hands + 18 Glory songs; a snippet leaks of Nelly's "Tilt Ya Head Back" featuring Britney. 2017: "In The Zone" outtakes "Instant Deja Vu" and "Take Off" leak in full.
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    Really getting sick of over-dramatic fans who think she's retiring just cuz she's not working at the insane level they want her too. She was over-worked majority of her career, in those letters she used to write to us, she actually said that she knew her knee gave out on her so she would have no choice but to stop and that her body was shutting down on her!!! Shes doing things at the level/speed she wants to now, I think she's earned that right, she's built her career, she doesn't have to work at the level of a newbie anymore!! She didn't get to fully enjoy her teens or early 20's like regular people do, so let the woman enjoy her adult years and her kids growing up without having to break her back over her career, for christs sake!!!
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    Retiring at her age is rediculous....nobody does that, especially when you have such a legacy. can you picture yourself being 35 and sitting home for 10 years not doing ANYTHING except going to the beach and making dinner ? That gets old very fast and a lifestyle of a senior... especially when her line of work is more pleasure and less work
  24. 5 likes
    I agree with @heather and @PrinceAli89 above, she's not retiring any time soon. She still has a lot to give (and a lot of money to make)
  25. 5 likes
    Not only is her voice as beautiful as ever, but that confidence is something I haven't seen in a long time. Watching Britney become this strong, brave, powerful woman is so inspiring. She's a queen, now and forever
  26. 5 likes
    I've been thinking about this for YEARS. I always thought she didn't feel confident enough to sing on a stage (which now we know is completely false), so doing a backyard session would be perfect! She'd be in a controlled environment where she'd feel comfortable, with no audience, and she could shoot many takes so she wouldn't have the pressure of doing it "live" either. I hope this happens someday
  27. 5 likes
    Omg, she slayed it so hard I hope she will do a backyard session or something some day. She can just sit in her garden, and sing some songs She could do it with Apple Music or something, so she can also make some money, and get free promo
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    Honestly without the music and the mic, it kinda feels illegal, like its quiet right now, it feels kinda illegal doing this with only a mic in my hand right now it feels so weird. Ok, so, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately right, ok, this morning I woke up and I was like, looking at the news and seeing a lot of things going on in the world and stuff but basically I looked and I was like you know what, the price of my media my whole life you know it really hit me, because one minute they tear you down, and the next minute your on top of the world. I never really spoke about it you know and I'm a southern girl, I'm from Louisianna, I'm from the south and you know I like to keep it real, so I just want to make sure I keep having you mother fuckers something to talk about OK
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    source: https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2017/09/britney-spears-2007-anniversary 10 Years After Her Horrible 2007, Britney Spears’s Tabloid Saga Shows How Much Has Changed Her public struggles, relentlessly covered by the tabloids, defined an era. And they could never happen again. Left, Spears performing during the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards; Right, performing at the 102.7 KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2016 on December 2nd in Los Angeles. Both by Chris Polk/Getty Images. The 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, held 10 years ago this past Saturday, opened with a close-up of a woman’s blonde extensions. Everyone knew they were extensions because they were attached to a head that, seven months prior, had been shaved in front of paparazzi cameras. The woman turned her head, flashed eyes made blue with colored contacts, and uttered what was intended as a mission statement for a big, bold comeback: “It’s Britney, bitch.” The V.M.A.s were a good place for Britney Spears that decade; she’d made headlines by dancing with a snake in 2001 and kissing Madonna in 2003. She chose the 2007 awards for her first broadcast performance in three years, a period that included a hasty Vegas wedding, a reality show, several stints in rehab, and near-constant tabloid scandal. MTV was intensely hyping the performance. If it went well, the thinking went, it would be a career game-changer. It didn’t. Spears appeared lackluster and even confused when miming her latest hit, “Gimme More,” and the criticism was swift and brutal. The media pile-on had become common for Spears in 2007—nonstop headlines all asking, essentially, “What’s wrong with her?” And it could never happen today. A cultural shift toward normalizing mental health issues in the last decade has extended even to tabloids, where Demi Lovato can snag a People feature by opening up about her bipolar disorder and Selena Gomez talks about depression on the cover of Vogue. The tone has changed so much, and so quickly, that looking back on Britney Spears’s annus horribilus is a stunning reminder of how far things have come—not from the days of hysteria and blaming schizophrenia on demon possession, but in a single decade. Left, Spears performing during the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards; Right, Spears and Madonna during 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. Left, by Kevin Kane/WireImage; Right, by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic. Spears had filed for divorce from Kevin Federline in November of 2006, and two weeks later was spotted—and relentlessly photographed—out in Los Angeles alongside Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, who, allegedly, mockingly referred to Spears as “Animal.” Paparazzi photographs in which Spears accidentally flashed her vagina were published on TMZ. The New York Post called it the “Bimbo Summit,” citing a poll that claimed 77 percent of adults thought the “panties-optional” trio had too much influence on young girls. In February, Spears checked into rehab and checked out the next day. One day later she shaved her head in front of paparazzi cameras in a Tarzana, California, hair salon. “I don’t want everybody touching me,” she reportedly said at the time. “I’m tired of everyone touching me.” Two more attempts at rehab, and the infamous umbrella attack on the ever-waiting paparazzi, followed. TMZ called it a “pop mom meltdown.” In April, she fired her manager and bodyguard, and later her management firm and lawyer resigned. A photo shoot with OK! magazine in July, which Spears arranged herself, ended with the magazine releasing this statement: “What we experienced was a young girl who is desperately in need of help. And sadly she has surrounded herself with too many people who are pretending that nothing is wrong.” The photos were unusable. They put her on the cover anyway. That fall, after the V.M.A.s, things continued to get worse. A court ordered Spears to give up custody of her children; later that month, Forbes suggested “bald-headed problem parent” Britney as a “genuinely scary” Halloween costume, along with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and O.J. Simpson. Star had her on the cover boasting her alleged weight (160 pounds) and hitting “rock bottom”; the cover inspired Perez Hilton to ask, “How great is this cover?” In November, the Us Weekly cover line was just one word: “SICK!” In January 2008, Spears was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold after a standoff with Federline; as the New York Daily News put it, it was part of “her downward spiral from pop tart to deranged diva.” She was placed under the conservatorship of her father and lawyer Andrew Wallet, who were given complete control over her assets. That arrangement continues today, and court documents related to Spears’s condition and diagnosis are still sealed, with the reasoning that their release would cause “irreparable harm and immediate danger.” Under the conservatorship of her father, Jamie, Spears laid low. “I think the paparazzi took off the pressure after I didn’t leave my house for two years,” Spears said in a rare candid interview with Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronoth earlier this year. But the gossip industry, empowered and expanded massively in the mid-aughts with the rise of the Internet, didn’t have to look long for its next problem child. Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” hit the U.S. Billboard charts in March of 2007. Her drug abuse, eating disorder, and apparent mental instability received the same intense focus that Britney’s did, as documented vividly in 2015’s Amy, which also reveals in private footage a far more delicate young woman than the tabloid media could depict. The day that Winehouse died in 2011, the tone of conversation around her shifted abruptly, and the entire gossip industry began to change in the years to come. In May of that year, TMZ wrote, “Water is wet, the sky is blue . . . and Amy Winehouse has checked into rehab once again.” In late July, days after her death, it promoted an “AMAZING” tribute to the singer. A memorial in Rolling Stone remembered Winehouse as “less like a lioness and more like a little girl.” Accepting the Oscar for Amy, director Asif Kapadia said the film was “all about showing the world who she really was . . . not a tabloid persona.” Amy Winehouse’s death alone was not enough to transform the tabloid industry. But by the time Amy came out, a radical shift was already underway, with California passing laws to curtail the paparazzi, publications voluntarily banning unauthorized photos of children, and self-created, paparazzi-friendly stars like the Kardashians and Bachelor contestants selling well enough that chasing down singers like Winehouse and Spears was no longer all that worth it. And as more and more younger stars talk publicly about diminishing the stigma around mental health, the tabloids are following their lead. “Demi Lovato is bravely opening up about her private struggles,” wrote People in 2011. After Kanye West’s hospitalization at the end of 2016, Us Weekly ran a collection of supportive tweets from other celebrities. When Prince Harry, as part of a campaign called Heads Together, opened up about seeking counseling after his mother’s death, even The Sun—which once ran the headline “Harry the Nazi”—called it “commendable frankness.” When Britney Spears makes the tabloids these days, it’s in praise of her no-makeup selfies or rock-hard abs. Perez Hilton, which drew captions like “nutso” on her photos back in 2007, recently published a quiz commanding its readers, “Britney Spears is an undisputed pop icon, and you should know everything you can about her!” A video went viral recently showing Spears singing a cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About” during her Las Vegas show. She’s wearing a sparkling black two-piece, not so different from the one she wore at the V.M.A.s 10 years ago. Her hair is still blonde; if they’re extensions, they’re looking a lot better. “One minute, they tear you down,” she tells the crowd in pre-song patter. “The next minute, you’re on top of the world.” “I just want to make sure I keep having you motherfuckers something to talk about.”
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    I'm still skeptical about him but they do look cute together, that third picture is just adorable and he is hot as fuck!!
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    DAMN FANCY KEYBOARD APP It sucks at spelling and wont let me edit it cuz its autocorrect is broken
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    I'm back again after the episode that was the DYWCO leak. I was given orders by the voices in my head to give you guys a leak. Apparently, it's spreaded even farther and therefore, I gotta be the one to fuck it up for everyone who "just got an exclusive stem pack". Make sure y'all look at the timestamp - It's currently 10:50 PM CST Here in Florida. At this present moment and timeframe, you won't find a post on Reddit, or Tumblr, or Soundcloud for the stems. But right after I hit "submit topic", you'll see everyone claiming responsibility. Some people are just so desperate... But y'all know you got it first, right here, directly from HeadstrongWolf https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B09Kvhh5cSiuR1hPaXA5dUFCTGs And I have a certain person here continuing to look at my threads Don't think I don't see you just because you don't post. How's that Glory pre-order vinyl I ordered you doing?
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    Fun one! I would have her perform in versions of the iconic outfits from her previous tours: think the white pants and pink crop from her early days, the jeweled bra and jeans from the dream within a dream tour, the toxic crystals bodysuit, the gold number from the femme fatale tour, the circus ring leader. I would have her bring up a few collabs, her and will.i.am could finally perform s&s together, she could have a famous fan come up for freak show. She will probably give a big and somewhat emotional speech. Give each of her dancers a shout out/ freestyle solo. Perform one song that she never performed ever. Maybe do a crowd shot selfie for IG. And she could announce what her plans are for album 10.
  34. 4 likes
    I kinda think she will release some random buzz single before the end of the year and before Vegas wrap-up leg, because I feel a very loooooooong hiatus is coming after Vegas ends.
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    i wish they asked her about how she feels about taylor swift
  37. 4 likes
    Those are trolls. Pay them no mind. She doesn't.
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    First she served her debut era vocals in Glory, then she did pre-recorded vocals in BBMA 2016, then Carpool Karaoke and now 100% LIVE SINGING!!! Am I crazy, or I'm just dreaming? Tell me what will happen as the next?
  41. 4 likes
    There are live vocals at every show because Britney always sings live.
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    Sometimes I wonder if Britney ever got effective treatment. I mean, 10 years is a long time to recover. Ofc we don't know much about her personal life after what happened but still... I would have expected that after a few years there would have been clear visible progress. Maybe she never got the chance to properly talk about the past with professional helpers? Anyway, at least now we can finally see her getting confident again, and I'm happy for that!
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    She needs to do a Glory tour after POM is over. One of her best work and only two singles, not enough promotion.. this album is great, she could do a small tour and slay Invitation, just love me and just like me with live vocals
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    Glory definitely deserves some justice, it's her best album in forever! Thinking of an acoustic performance of Just Like Me, a medley of Coupure Électrique and Mood Ring and the choreography that Love Me Down could have just makes me shake
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    This THIS! I was saying that as I was watching the video. I want Everytime and DLMBTLTK live, Brit!
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    say that to the people that have those weird smiling pictures in the first year of pom
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    It's seriously the best money you'll ever spend. Just getting to see backstage and meet Fe and all the merch you get too is totally worth it. Just be prepared that your actual meet and greet with Britney will only last like 5 seconds, but to me it's still worth the investment.