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  1. 8 likes
    At this point I think it should be obvious that the show will just be POM overseas, but that doesn't mean that it's going to be bad! Actually, I'm kinda excited because I'm expecting it to be similar to the festival performances she did last year, which were very refreshing because although most of the routines were the same the fact that she was on a different stage with different outfits and no props made it more interesting and fun to watch! I've been re-watching the Triple Ho Show videos these past days and I've been remembering how much I loved that show because it's true that she didn't dance that much, but the "adapted" choreographies were better than the original ones and she had so much energy, you can tell that being on a different atmosphere was also refreshing to Britney. Anyway, I just hope that the summer concerts bring something new to the table, I'm looking forward to see how she does
  2. 7 likes
    She might seem happy, but ofc that's what they want ppl to think. A c-ship can be a lot more than just financial decisions, especially with a celebrity. Imo, there must be a lot more happening behind the scenes than the media let's us understand. It's true that she lives in a bubble, but is it really worth it? Does it really do good to her mental health to live such a restricted life? This gives me a sign that she hasn't completely recovered. If she had, she would have much more power now. Or maybe Jamie wants to keep control because he earns a lot of money from it. After all, it's America, where money matters more than health (both mental and physical). Jamie and probably many many others are definitely hiding a lot of stuff. But maybe one day those scenes will come crushing down and ppl will see the truth. And hopefully Britney will be free again...
  3. 7 likes
    We all know Britney has power greater than God, Jesus and Paris Hilton. And here are just a few proofs that she is psychic and predicted her future When Britney made the music video for BOMT she already knew about her future. She gave us a clue about a future flop song with Iggy Piggy. If you look closely in the background you will see a tremendous amount of proof: If you look closely, you can also see that her belly looks identical This is real ass proof. But there's more! I know y'all are now thinking "how did she do it?". I'm gonna tell ya. She had already sold her soul And here are clear proof from the same video: Illuminati confirmed. In 2001 she released yet another prediction for her future You can find her prediction in the lyrics of I Love Rock N Roll "I knew he must have been about seventeen" Well, her prediction about that is also true!
  4. 7 likes
    It's a crime that Inside Out and Up N Down were not singles.
  5. 6 likes
    if they had a baby together
  6. 6 likes
    For some reason i thought i'd see it here. A fan went backstage at POM and saw the costumes being made http://www.britneyspears.com.br/forum/topic/35540-relato-pom-backstage-tour-meet/ Someone translated it so here
  7. 6 likes
    She once started out at Disney so i think it's awesome.
  8. 6 likes
    At the Circus jacket. I knew those costumes were cheap af.
  9. 5 likes
    I believe she went through all this and didn't even try to fight it because it was the only way to get her kids back. She seems happy, even though she is probably aware of her legal status and how her freedom is restricted in some ways. But she is willing to give that up in order to have her kids with her and keep some balance in her life. I think it says a lot of her as a mother, tbh...
  10. 5 likes
    These conspiracy theories are fun and all... but it's not Jamie's decision, it's the courts. If the rumours are true that Britney is bi-polar or manic depressant then it wouldn't surprise me if they decided it's best for her to stay in the c-ship given her status, to keep her well (make sure she's taking her meds) and keep her protected from people like Sam Lutfi. She may not fit the normal requirements of a c-ship anymore, but Britney's situation is hardly normal anyway.
  11. 5 likes
    Conspiracy Theory
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  14. 5 likes
    At this point the only reason I'd want a DVD was because of possible behind the scenes since we've seen every single show from every possible angle every night. Perhaps team Britney has different plans for DVD/TV special of the show that doesn't include ph.
  15. 5 likes
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  18. 5 likes
    This choreography is so bad but still so much better than the Vegas choreography.
  19. 5 likes
    Her launching a new residency in the future seems very possible to me, but hopefully before that she releases a new album and promotes it properly, I mean, next year will mark her 20th anniversary in the industry, she needs to do something big and memorable! I'm actually very happy with the news we've been getting lately, I mean, I know Vegas is boring and her performances are kinda lackluster, but the fact that she's gonna tour Asian countries makes me very excited because it's so surprising, like, the "she's so boring, she's trapped in Vegas" argument is no longer relevant, we can expect her to do unexpected things
  20. 5 likes
    Yeah maybe they can buy the cheapest bra at some local store and give it to her for the slumber party section along with a towel for her hair saying it's a brand new costume
  21. 5 likes
    I wished she dropped the lingerie, monokini leotards outfits and came back with something like pants, catsuits, dresses or a skirt. a bit more variation couldn't hurt pom.
  22. 5 likes
    I guess that's a positive way to look at it
  23. 5 likes
    I like it, but the only time she's actually done all the choreography properly was the very first time she performed it.
  24. 4 likes
    It's me lol I'm surprised you didn't notice. I changed it due to some stuff with an exheller, and tbh I don't stan Skrillex anymore so it was pointless.
  25. 4 likes
    I don't know how many of y'all are aware of this YouTube channel (I just discovered it a few months ago), but I have fallen in love with it. Lots of BTS, Making of ..., etc. videos and I am enjoying going through them all. A few I've seen before, but some are new to me. So - enjoy! YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/OurLovelyBritney
  26. 4 likes
    Or she is just fine with the situation because she's in her bubble , she doesn't have to take care about lot of things, it protects her money etc... Lbr she almost has all the freedom she wants, she's not being really restricted , she even goes alone in vacation with her childs while she's supposedly not mentally able to take care about herself. She has a boyfriend, her own phone, she makes her own career choices etc.. It doesn't restrain her either from doing big investment like moving home, she did it at least 3 times since 2011 so.. We are in 2017. I know y'all like movies theories and all, but if she was forced to be under c-ship while she doesn't need it, she would fight against it since long time already.
  27. 4 likes
    Jamie could petition to end it. The court would have the final say. I wish an independent party could examine her medical records, talk to her, talk to Jamie, and see if she is being treated properly. There can be abuses in these cases. I hope she is ok.
  28. 4 likes
    I'm not really into super muscular guys but he's undeniably hot, no wonder Godney is being so stiff on stage lately, being with that man must be exhausting
  29. 4 likes
    The diamond albums photo fucking killed me: https://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/boston-teapartney?utm_term=.isRmP3NvM#.nl43Z54bo Matt Stopera continues to be a flawless stan.
  30. 4 likes
    Literally everyone talks about how sweet and talented Britney is, yet I still hear people wanting to question whether she has "actual" talent or not. SO many writers, producers, other artists compliment her all the time and it never feels forced.
  31. 4 likes
    Surprisingly, it looks nice and realistic
  32. 4 likes
  33. 4 likes
    Any time Flawless Fatale is mentioned, you know me and @JoshLee are up in this bitch. Till the world ends so don't hold it against us.
  34. 4 likes
  35. 4 likes
    But she does basically sell out every show lmao I've been there and she's never sold under 3.7k out of 4.7. The theater is always packed. Yes maybe she hasn't sold every single ticket but that doesn't mean the show is a flop lmao. Whether you like it or not, Britney's Vegas residency has been extremely successful and other artists have been inspired to start their own residency after hers. If POM made her so irrelevant why is there such a huge demand for a tour? Dates selling out in less than an hour? That's being irrelevant? Then I hope Britney stays irrelevant for a long time. PS her performance skills aren't as bad as you're making them out to be. It's 2017 not 2011.
  36. 4 likes
  37. 4 likes
    #REPORTED FOR MISLEADING TITLE Has it really been 6 years since Femme Fatale? Jesus I'm old.
  38. 4 likes
  39. 4 likes
    I'm so glad Marco Marco is gone. His designs were just straight up terrible. I actually don't think her having the cheap costumes is that terrible of an idea. It saves money, clearly, she likes them for those nights she's performing, and honestly - it's not like it's affecting ticket sales lol. Now if she ever did a TRUE world tour, I'd hope she'd get a real costume designer, but for Vegas I think that cheap shit is fine. As she's noted in one of her interviews, most of the crowd is drunk af anyway.
  40. 4 likes
  41. 4 likes
    Everyone wants to blame Britney's management for being cheap when it clearly states these are the costumes that BRITNEY wants. Are they ugly, cheap, tacky? Yes. Does she deserve better? Yes. But these are what she wants, likes and puts her opinions on. No fashion designer is going to matter when Britney has the say at the end. And as ugly as I find every leotard, I like these costumes better than Marco Marcos designs, and even more so knowing it's what BRITNEY wanted.
  42. 4 likes
    It's funny, on paper the show really doesn't seem worth the money, but when I went my sister and I had a blast. I thought Britney looked great and the lack of live vocals didn't bother me *as* much (still irked me a lot during BOMT).
  43. 4 likes
    It's cute but it would nice to see her is something completely different
  44. 4 likes
    We've been waiting for her to get out of Vegas for more than three years, and whe she finally does no one on this forum cares Anyway, there's being an press conference to announce her performance in Tel Aviv And she's also going to sneak away to the Philippines
  45. 4 likes
    It definitely makes sense for there to be more dates, and of course it will be POM. It'll be like her festival shows most likely, maybe with a bit more pieces from Vegas, depending on the venues and how they can accommodate her.
  46. 4 likes
    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas, it's happening y'all, WorldTourney is back from the death and she realised that there are more places in the world apart from the US and London
  47. 4 likes
    I'm so done with vegas, the same leotard in 3425 different colours, and the half-assed choreography every night. It's just so boring
  48. 4 likes
    Well it's her best album ever! The best single is OF COURSE Till the Slay Ends. The best non-single is OBVIOUSLY Inside Out. The best bonus track is FOR SURE He About to Lose Me. The best video is SURELY Hold It Against Me. The best performance is TOTALLY Big Fat Bass at GMA. The FF album photoshoot and the one for Out magazine are some of her best ever. The I Wanna Go video look is with no doubt one of her best looks ever! It was virtually the best era in every aspect! Except... Ugh... The interviews and some of the dancing in the tour :/ Isn't I Wanna Go one of her most watched videos on YouTube? In fact, Flawless Fatale slays! We even got a collab with will.i.am, Rihanna, Kesha, Nicki Minaj and let's not forget Sabi and her iconic pot of vegetables! IT WAS VERY COOL AND EXCITING. Oh, I almost forgot, the Flawless Fatale album cover is the best of her career along with the Brenda Joan one
  49. 4 likes
    I don't even know where to begin Flawless Fatale is the best thing that has happened to us All the songs are perfect in every possible way It's the only album I where I freaking love all the tracks It's a masterpiece given to us by Godney EVERYONE loves it, and the radio stations played it all over the world If it weren't for those fucking pirate-sites, it would have been her best selling album Non-fans still rock out to I Wanna Go, Hold It Against Me and Till The World Ends I want Femme Fatale 2.0 so bad
  50. 4 likes