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  1. 12 likes
    Britney and her team finding out that touring instead of being in Vegas helps with sales
  2. 9 likes
    Did you hear that falsetto? AND THOSE BELTS? I can't believe I'm slayed because of a Happy Birthday performance but that's exactly what's happening
  3. 8 likes
    Remember when everything seemed just kind of slow or stiff.....I came across this today and wasn't expecting to see this energy
  4. 7 likes
  5. 7 likes
    I'm so fed up of ya'll making shit up and then blaming Britney for these fake ass rumours. Grow up already! She's just launched Glory, although a dead era by now, but it hasn't been that long. Stop being delusional. Sorry not sorry if i'm rude, but i'm realistic and i don't want ya'll to be hurt when the truth hits ya on the face. That's it.
  6. 7 likes
    I'm sure @HeadstrongWolf is going to agree with me. I randomly remembered that she performed DLMBTLTK on the Femme Fatale tour so of course I had to re-watch it for the first time in years and wow, this performance is just perfect! The live vocals over the pre-recorded track, the fact that she performed it for the first time in 10 years, Adrien Galo's hotness, her swinging way before Sia... Everything is just perfect. She really blessed us that time
  7. 7 likes
    Happy Birthday for B10 lead single, pls!
  8. 6 likes
    This is a SIWAK appreciation thread and I will fight whoever dares to insult this flawless masterpiece Nah, seriously, over the years I've seen so much hate for this song and I really don't understand the reason why because it's always been one of my favourite tracks of the album. I don't know, it just sounds like a dubstep version of an OIDIA-era song, very sweet and soft but with an edgy touch! I felt so blessed the first time I listened to it
  9. 6 likes
  10. 6 likes
    Mmhm I want to believe but didn't an exec say that there was no music coming soon?
  11. 6 likes
    I just found those pictures, there's the full "VIP Private Show" shoot in UHQ and one with Brit holding the bottle in MQ (I don't know if it's new or not, I didn't see it anywhere ...) Hope you guys like them UHQ (13500x6562px) : http://www.epresspack.net/mmr1/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/99625.jpg
  12. 6 likes
    Nothing on Glory is a mess, not even Clumsy, which is kinda weird. Retract yourself No but really, What You Need was probably the biggest grower for me, at first I thought it was kinda eh, but eventually I ended up loving it because it's such a lively song and she sings it with so much attitude and energy!
  13. 6 likes
    I really loved this interview. Knowing she's speaking so candidly about the past and seeing just how far she came is a true inspiration to people. I'm glad the only ones she's worried about pleasing now are herself and her boys. They're all that matters
  14. 5 likes
    ...If I'm Dancing.... IS A B O P If I'm dancing, if I'm dancing, if I'm dancing, I know the musics good
  15. 5 likes
  16. 5 likes
  17. 5 likes
    I believe her kids, her health and her happiness come first, I don't want her breaking her back just to satisfy fans and the world if its it just gonna make her miserable, cuz honestly, I just don't think she has the desire to rule the world again. Now if she wanted to be on top again, as for music, I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it!! She tried deep and meaningful with most of Britney Jean and even fans didn't eat it up, Glory was a perfect make up for BJ but her team and/or label or possibly even Britney chose to unfortunately drop the ball regarding it. She would def. have to up the dancing, start showing off her vocals at least with ballads, I'm sure there will still be people that doubt her but if it would shut up most people...great!! It also wouldn't hurt to do some in depth interviews which she does seem to be opening up more and more as time goes on BUT at the end of the day, it's her life, therefore her business only, she should only share as much detail as she wants, no one should force her. Honestly though, as a fan, as long as I'M being satisfied by what she's giving, then I'm happy, I couldn't care less what the world or even other fans think.
  18. 5 likes
  19. 5 likes
    I think she's in rehearsals but I also think she's stepped away from SM to decompress after that crazy tour, she prob needs to refocus mentally.
  20. 5 likes
    Nah, we get random information like this from time to time and then nothing happens. I'm gonna trust my common sense and assume that at least until next year we won't hear anything new from her
  21. 5 likes
    I think Wendy is a closet fan deep down . In Wendys defense ( as annoying as she is!!!! ) She did turn the negative vibe . But she annoys me with just saying shit for attention.. Honestly to do Superbowl Britney will have to step up the game a lot.
  22. 5 likes
    Why can't Britney somehow drag this bitch? like: "Wendy Williams & her whole audience, just Ya'll can kiss my lily white southern Louisiana ass!" ?
  23. 5 likes
  24. 5 likes
    Wow it's crazy how much more positive it is here than exhale
  25. 5 likes
    She has done so well in this tour, I'm so happy! Also, the fact that this is just half of her full potential... imagine if she got better choreography and decided to give her all
  26. 5 likes
    Her being mobbed like that was really fucked up!! Photographers acting like that doesn't surprise me at all but you'd think fans would know better.
  27. 5 likes
    This is screaming a set up for press and not on Britney's end. It's fucked up they're using her like that, especially considering how scared she is (as anyone would be when they're getting MOBBED) in situations like that. Those fans should be ashamed of themselves, and I'm glad that Britney will be seeing the children anyway. That's what counts.
  28. 5 likes
    this is why i love the barmy
  29. 5 likes
    BOMTney is shaking. WHY DOESN'T SHE SING LIVE MORE OFTEN?! Her voice is really good! I'm glad she took the time to prove the haters she's still got it
  30. 5 likes
    Oh god I'm cool with her lip-synching, but I don't like when they lie about it. She might be singing over the playback, but that's not a valid reason when your voice hasn't been heard once ever since she started the residency back in 2013. I'm not hating on her or anything, I'm just saying that considering the fact that her team controls all the questions she's asked they should avoid this topic because as I said before it's cool if she lip-synchs but they shouldn't lie about it.
  31. 5 likes
    I don't care whether what she's saying is true or not, I love her sassy I don't give a fuck attitude. And she's right, she doesn't get the credit she deserves. For ANYTHING.
  32. 5 likes
  33. 5 likes
    Gimme More will always awaken the hoe in me
  34. 5 likes
    You know, I expected a conspiracy theory when I read the title
  35. 5 likes
    Nostalgia is in and no one besides us fans are checking for her new music. She and her team know we're still listening so they're not working hard to position her at the top of the charts with her newer material. Plus the promo cycle for Glory is most likely done as she's recording for album 10. Those two songs and Toxic are classics, she's not getting away from them even if she stopped performing them.
  36. 4 likes
  37. 4 likes
    The things Britney needs to do regarding promotion are things she doesn't want to do, and I completely respect that. I don't think she wants to be the top dog anymore, and that's ok. I enjoy what she gives now because it's clear she's doing what makes her happy. I think glory era was handled poorly and that falls on her label, mainly. Rca is notorious for being a shit label, so I expected nothing less. She needs a better label that knows how to promote the Britney we have with what she's willing and unwilling to do promo wise.
  38. 4 likes
  39. 4 likes
  40. 4 likes
    Outside of TTWE and IO, this was one of my favorite tracks on the album. I'm glad you came around, sis. EDIT: omg @I_need_me I misread it and thought you said you DIDN'T like it at first lmao. Forgive me. It was early.
  41. 4 likes
  42. 4 likes
    That could be cool but even if she does an amazing job, she will not be able to recover from the backlash shed be getting. the superbowl has a strict no lipsynching policy and as much as shed like us to believe shes singing live.....if you cant fool your fan base you sure as hell wont fool haters and the public
  43. 4 likes
    OMG BTI July 3rd I think she was missing big stages. She looks pumped af. She needs a world tour tbh
  44. 4 likes
  45. 4 likes
  46. 4 likes
  47. 4 likes
    I'm not too surprised. She's a creative person, and has a ton of experience both in front and behind a camera. Lets not forget she directed Do Somethin' and also IABJ showed that she is very hands-on with checking every shot she does for her music videos. From that she should at the least understand the basics of light and composition.
  48. 4 likes
    Yeah, no way in hell someone from her management team is there because I think they'd shut it down super fast. I'm loving this.
  49. 4 likes
    Britney: I'm glad you're addressing this question because it's really funny, a lot of people think I don't sing live. Because I'm dancing so much i usually have a mixture of my voice and playback. It really pisses me off because I'm busting my ass out there and singing at the same time and no one ever gives me credit for it. I'm SHOOK
  50. 4 likes
    bomt still gets people go crazy