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  2. RT @billboard: Britney Spears' Piece of Me show: by the numbers https://t.co/9o4aYVuhQE

  3. One year since the release of Britney’s last music video. #SlumberParty #Glory https://t.co/6wjSqIsDeA

  4. Chill https://t.co/vfA7h89w5U

  5. So for #B10....

    I could easily say the same. Neither of us really know, however, it's kind of obvious Britney didn't have alot of input in Femme Fatale. I'm very familiar with mental illness, and it only gets worse if you aren't taking care of yourself. Britney has been in an almost 10 year remission. She's more than capable of taking care of herself. We have all seen the results with Britney when she has more control and isn't given a definite direction to take — her three best albums, In the Zone, Blackout and Glory. Glory has given us some of her best performances since the Circus era. Britney can and does make decisions. She's just very reserved and will listen to what others want and think she should do. If she had more freedom to make decisions, we'd probably have most of the original Make Me video. As I mentioned, show business is extremely grueling. A couple weeks is not long enough to have a promotion schedule for an album, then immediately go back to performing a show when the weeks are up. My belief is if Vegas ended in early 2016 or 2015, she would've devoted her time to a tour. She loves Glory, and that passion was enough in my belief for her to want to get out there and rally for it. There's a dramatic difference between 2016- Britney and let's say 2011-2015 Britney. She got more control over her album and wasn't told who to work with or anything like that. The result is clear. She was happier, more comfortable, and more excited about her work. Just like any person whose happy with their work would be. Anyone would have more passion in their work if they solely worked on it and they really believe in it. My point is, Britney is very stable in her life, and all signs point to that. 10 years is more than long enough to prove you can take care of yourself - and she has done that in strides. She's not this frail, anxious, woman that breaks with even the slightest bit of push back. She has the thickest skin in the business. She was the highest paid female musician in 2012, and still makes a more than great income with Vegas. We now see Britney doing good things with her money, with her building the childhood cancer facility. No one in Britney's position would hang it all up at 35. Just,... No. And I'm not this crazy fan demanding she work more, either. I can't demand anything from her. Would I like to see more promo? Of course! But that's up to her and her team. I'm just using common sense and basing my observations off of what we've seen in her the last few eras.
  6. Redefining Vegas' scenario since 2013
  7. RT @forumpandlr: “Britney: Piece Of Me” se torna o espetáculo mais lucrativo da carreira de Britney Spears, ultrapassando a turnê do Circus…

  8. RT @sccpmais: Vamos votar no Jô pra "Craque da Galera" Pode votar quantas vezes quiser Vote e dê RT pra divulgar https://t.co/nUqlghVfdE…

  9. http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8039442/britney-spears-piece-of-me-las-vegas-show-numbers Spears' Las Vegas spectacular closes on Dec. 31, 2017 after four years. 1, 2, “3…” The final countdown is on. Britney Spears’ Las Vegas residency show, Britney: Piece of Me, will come to a close on Dec. 31, 2017, after four years and 249 performances. The pop diva opened the long-running spectacle on Dec. 27, 2013 at The AXIS Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. At the time, the show was planned to run for 100 performances over two years. But, Piece of Me proved to be so successful, it was extended on into 2017. Earlier this year, in April, Spears’ final shows at The AXIS were announced, with Spears commenting in a statement that she had “no idea how magical this experience would be… I love Las Vegas and will miss performing this show.” Piece of Me is going out on a high note, too. In November, it received four Gold Best of Las Vegas 2017 Awards, voted on by readers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. It was named best production show, best resident performer/headliner, best bachelorette party and best bachelor party. Read More Britney Spears' Hits-Filled 'Piece of Me' Show Opens In Las Vegas: Live Review Let’s take a look at some of the eye-popping facts and figures connected to Britney: Piece of Me. Britney: Piece of Me — By the Numbers: 881,000: Number of tickets sold to Britney: Piece of Me, through its Oct. 28 performance, according to Billboard Boxscore. Billboard estimates by the time the show closes on Dec. 31, more than 900,000 will have been sold. Among those 900,000 attendees: celebrities like Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Kirsten Dunst, Selena Gomez, Calvin Harris, JAY-Z, Nick Jonas, Anna Kendrick, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Katy Perry, Sia and Steven Tyler. $130 million: Piece of Me has generated more than $130 million in ticket sales and will likely generate another $5-6 million through its closing night performance. 2,000: Estimated number of bachelorette parties that have attended the show. Read More Britney Spears' 'Piece of Me' Residency Ending in December 7,300: Number of fans Spears has met backstage during the Piece of Me run. 24 million: Number of pulls on the Britney Spears Slot Game across Las Vegas. Produced by Artistocrat, the Britney Spears Slot Game debuted in September of 2015 and is featured in Caesars Entertainment properties across Las Vegas. 240: Number of “Freakshow” victims that have guest-starred in the Piece of Me show. They include celebrities like Lance Bass, Tyson Beckford, Howie Dorough, The Fat Jew, Kathy Griffin, Colton Haynes, Perez Hilton, Mario Lopez, AJ McLean, Tyler Oakley and Whitney Port. 90 minutes: Average running time of each show. Read More Britney Spears' 20 Biggest Billboard Hits 26: Average number of songs featured in each performance. 8-12: Number of costume changes Spears makes through each show. 250-plus: Number of individual garments produced for the cast of Piece of Me. 16: Number of dancers in the show. A four-piece band backs Spears onstage as well. 400: Number of moving lights used in Piece of Me. Denise Truscello Britney Spears performs during her Las Vegas Residency. 3,500: Square feet of LED surface used in the show’s staging. 60: High-definition projectors are used through the show, making it the largest projection theater in the world, according to Caesars Entertainment. 4,600: Capacity of The AXIS Theater for Spears’ show, as well as 28 tables with bottle service provided by Drai’s Management Group.
  10. Look what just came in the mail!

    2 cds on glory
  11. eu estou tão sensível ultimamente

  12. RT @Cura_de_pueblo: Si trabajas, IRPF. Si gastas, IVA. Si ahorras, Patrimonio Si regalas, Donaciones. Si te mueres, Sucesiones. Si reven…

  13. Dopo questa Annalise si beve pure l’Oceano.

  14. So for #B10....

    I don't know why you 're assuming she's being told what to do 100% of the time and why you think she had no input with femme fatale. She may have been unhappy because she didn't want to promote, maybe she had another mental breakdown during that time. FF happened to be the last era where we got full promo so that could be saying a lot. If the conservatorship ends that does not mean we'll be getting a more raw edgier version of her, it could mean she stops, it could mean she gets worse and can't continue. The Vegas show doesn't have much to do with lack of promo because they can and do shoot stuff during her breaks. It's either she doesn't want to, they don't want to invest the money in it because people are not checking for her now, they don't know how to best market her in this current climate, or a combo of all of this. No one is saying she can't handle it or doesn't have passion anymore, we're just saying she probably doesn't want to do the promo full force anymore.
  15. Britney Spears' Piece of Me Show: By the Numbers https://t.co/Vx3gl17tE4

  16. I fucking met @Ookay and I was approx 0% sober #WowCool https://t.co/2cEvXdcV5b

  17. RT @billboard: Britney Spears' Piece of Me show: by the numbers https://t.co/9o4aYVuhQE


  19. TIL: There’s a gritting machine in Britain named after Britney

    Ah ok. We just call them salt trucks here haha. They chose the names for the new trucks - I recall one is David Plowie. And other was really long and I forget what it was.
  20. Nossa eterna fada💕 https://t.co/nBnL8zlfsL

  21. @richardnieto_ DMs sweetie!!

  22. RT @bestsofbritney: britney spears getting ready for her wedding 👰🏻 (2004) https://t.co/bwDNwdMSXl

  23. @irthezone this isn't up for debate

  24. RT @TheMalikJ: The Original. https://t.co/YlDxCgHyDk

  25. My Britney Collection! [Updated]

    Thanks!!!! umm I'll have to look! I'll get back to ya!!
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