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  2. I agree with most people above. It sounds really trashy and tasteless. Britney is better than that...
  3. Today
  4. I was wondering if I was the only one for which the original video has no appeal. The scenes we did get looked nonsensical af to me. I think everyone’s crazy over it because the released video is tame/admittedly kind of boring (I don’t hate tbh, but I get it). The original sounds and looks dumb af.
  5. (MY) SHIT OF THE DAY - January 17th

    Why you become anime lover ?????? but its better than flop thing ???
  6. The more I hear of this original video the more I'm glad they scrapped it. Britney's always been classy sexy this sounds like straight up trash and I'm not here for it.
  7. Not gonna lie, I'd be happy to see that video if it exists but I agree that it would have caused too much commotion had it been released. Something between that and the final version would have probably been the best choice
  8. RT @HUNTYCHAN: beyoncé originally wrote green light as an entry for the bible but jesus INSISTED she release it herself as it was much too…

  9. I’m all for sexy but that shit just sounds straight up trashy and like someone else said, sounds like she’s a sex animal. If those scenes are true, I feel like if that original video were released today, she’d get torn apart for it.
  10. Thoughts On Kylie's New Song??

    I love Kylie and I love this! I can't wait for her album!
  11. @indig05alpha story of my life

  12. After working out in 36 degree heat no better way to spend Sunday night watching @joelcreasey eating creme egg ice… https://t.co/yqWSKPWmWw

  13. RT @MazeRunnerMovie: Catch Thomas and Newt in the final chapter. #DeathCure is in theaters Friday. https://t.co/DJvxkzRWne https://t.co/Lad…

  14. mentira tem sim o fato DESSA musica nao ter hitado

  15. So she's like a sex animal? Idk if I'm ok with that imagery.
  16. Thoughts On Kylie's New Song??

    IT'S A FUCKING BOP!!! I didn't really know Kylie except for Can't Get You Out Of My Head and Right Here, Right Now But now that I know, I'm pretty excited for music from her and so far I really like this.
  17. I HAVE SOME INFO ABOUT THE ORIGINAL MAKE ME VIDEO FROM SOMEONE ON TUMBLR . Ok so, there’s a part where someone is walking her on a leash like a dog, it’s when she’s covered in red glitter. I think she’s crawling around the pool and they like lead her into the cage? Apparently it’s hot AF. Next, the bulldozer scene: she licks the bulldozer but they didn’t say which part. The window of the bulldozer? I dunno but again, apparently it’s hot AF. And they said there’s more scenes that never got leaked, like one she’s wearing that dress outside the house and others. When we kept asking for more the person stopped replying... I would give anything to see this video ?why did this happen to us?I think the whole era would have been different if they went with the original video. WHY HASNT THE REST LEAKED OUT??? DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING MORE?
  18. My sisters friends doorman is so fucking hot and they’re making me bring him a cookie cause obviously they want me to embarrass myself lol

  19. Yesterday
  20. Circus Tour DVD

    It is a bit pricey, but so so well done, and he puts a bunch of work into it. I have ordered 3 things from him greatest hits private show dvd, piece of me combo cd and DVD (1.0.) And the box set he is working on now. Again, beautifully done.
  21. RT @MartynEwart: When you are on #TheVoiceUK at 8:30 but need to be in the science lab at 9... 👓 https://t.co/WMQoqD55gJ

  22. @spookysadhbh Monderian Maggie Simpson?

  23. RT @QBINZE: Quand on commence un travail de groupe la veille et qu'on arrive quand même à avoir 15 https://t.co/6TKD6chsJf

  24. Enerva me quando o meu telemóvel avisa que tenho a memória cheia

  25. Why isn’t Donald Trump dead yet? He’s old & unhealthy. Take him, Lord.

  26. Wedding comming soon, babies..

    I don't think Britney's engaged either. People wear rings no matter their relationship status
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