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  2. I'll look and see in the credits when I can watch that movie sober tbh It's gonna be a while tho That movie is gonna make me an alcoholic
  3. And you're saying the video posted with Just Yesterday doesn't sound dubbed?
  4. Maybe the original had ATWK but the audio in that video still sounds dubbed.
  5. The audio for And Then We Kiss is definitely low quality, and it may be because of the camera used. I definitely believe ATWK came from that video. Just Yesterday is definitely dubbed, because it's high quality... And the video cuts off before the song is finished... Like I don't wanna be a bitch right now but I mean... Like it's not even a contest, and there are news articles from 2006 about this video, with "And Then We Kiss" in the title. Can I pull one up right now? tbh, no I'm watching I Love New York and I slept all day cause I had a thyroid storm, which is where my disease flares up and I sleep for a good 24 hours because I feel like I'm dying But I'm telling you - this video was originally posted with ATWK, and the low quality of the audio is probably because back in 2006 / 2007, not a lot of people knew how to work quality settings on digital cameras, which had MASSIVE increase of sales due to the worldwide "digital transition" that happened in 2007, after the abandonment of film cameras. Hell, this could have originally been cell phone video. Cell phone video from 2006 / 2007 was LQ as SHIT because EVERY phone back then had shit cameras. I can't even remember the quality but I believe VGA was the main for most phones back then. BUT, notice how in the video, in the very last few seconds before it fades out, you can see someone's leg bent (mostly their knee, as if they're sitting on a stool) on the right side of the camera. Obviously, the person recording. If you ask me, it sounds like the ATWK audio is being played from a radio / stereo system from around that time, and then the audio was recorded through a phone or digital camera. More than likely, a digital camera, as most phones back then didn't HAVE cameras. Most people were still using flip phones that didn't have them. But then again, I'm not familiar with what kind of phones were considered "high tech" back in 2007, and it's impossible to really say who recorded the video, and it'd be harder to pinpoint that person and track down and ask what kind of device they used. But long story short... It's definitely And Then We Kiss. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
  6. ATWK definitely dubbed over the top tho. If it was playing in the studio there would be some kind of reverb or echo and you would hear more background noise like Britney's sneakers and Lynne or whoever pushing the pram. It sounds like someone recorded it in their bedroom and added it to the video...
  7. Today
  8. D I S G U S T I N G .
  9. THIS IS SOOOOO TRUE!!! Don't shit on Flawless Fatale!
  10. No. The snippet was posted on Britney's website, and it was 59 seconds. (Same way Rebellion was uploaded.) The original audio to this was definitely And Then We Kiss. We just don't know why she was dancing. IMO, it doesn't look like a fully choreographed routine, it looks more like she's just freestyling her dancing, probably because it's the first time she's done any since the Do Somethin' video. (She was 2 weeks pregnant during the filming.)
  11. She seems sweet but as an Aussie her fake posh accent confuses me and she is clueless for someone who played Britney.
  12. Legit question: Were Wade Robson and Joey Fatone played by the same person
  13. i wanna say this is the original tho. If i'm not mistaken that video was posted in 2006 on her website. That's how we got the snippet of the song
  14. RT @chrissyteigen: Body shutting down. Nice knowing you all. Donate my organs if they're useable

  15. Those twirls ? Those high leg kicks ? The flexibility ? The woman
  16. I can't wait till I get my rose gold mac 😍😍 https://t.co/lnemk27IJV

  17. Thinking i might go to a @TheVoiceAU show to see queen @DeltaGoodrem I think il be too busy screaming for her though lol

  18. Oh thanks for clearing that up!
  19. RT @seductionspears: Mais uma bomba para o us https://t.co/oiuiI6QYIH

  20. I dislike the actress who played Britney.. completely clueless
  21. Mimi and Elvira https://t.co/YRCXDvaJNN

  22. I'm not really a fan of these types of documentaries, but the parts with the people who actually knew/worked with Britney were touching. She's such a strong, brave, inspiring woman.
  23. This was shot just after Preston was born, I don't think it was ever meant to be performed tbh.
  24. iniciar um tumblr dentro do twitter https://t.co/e5ZCYZU4Dy

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