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  1. Yesterday
  2. I can't hear it, is blocked in my country
  3. I'll be getting it
  4. Wow
  5. DYWCO has always been # 2 on the physical release so I guess this just follows that
  6. What a dissapointment... Actually I didn't expect anything At least, we finally have a real M4A version of Mood Ring and not a rip What the point of moving Do You Wanna Come Over at n°2 (hint for single n°3.... )
  7. I ordered his Glory Special edition ( Yes I bought the actual RCA Version!!! ) They rlly should hire this guy to do album covers and packaging
  8. Bitch Yasss!!!! Thank you! The jingle in the background are a little out of place an distracting tho. other than that flawless
  9. Bitch Yasss!!!! Thank you!
  10. Ordered.
  11. Thats what I meant haha sorry a fan remaster my bad
  12. first i want that tape
  13. + BS 1998 album CD
  14. Maybe yes EDIT: YES!!!
  15. RT @fiebrebritney_: Tinashe singing 'Toxic' in a new interview today https://t.co/O7w18nRR4r

  16. @aleruizz13 @mcspellitout @Shukzen @maaaaleny_ Ningún niño elige ser gay, lo mismo que usted no ha elegido ser hete… https://t.co/RoeFmpIWI6

  17. i dont know why, but i think i need this
  18. Criminal?
  19. Its reminded me some recycled moves from old music video...but idk what song it was
  20. All those hand moves she was so pretty tho.
  21. Honestly, it's probably just missing the fade-out at the end. I doubt it's a full on demo lol. I have a premix similar to what you are talking about for a Bjork song. It's missing a bunch of drums and there's some weird effects on it. One of the songs is about a minute longer too
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