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  2. @christianbitch and @MLspears21 Happy Birthday!
  3. Today
  4. @☆☆☆BRITNEYJean☆☆☆ @Ariana Grande @MagicalFlare @Rainbow thoughts about it so far
  5. I'll see what i can do, but i don't have the stems so it might be a bit hard, but i'll try for you
  6. This
  7. Yesterday
  8. so i started to make a fanmade medlets since the VMAS are coming soon so here is what i have so far BOMT/OIDIA/IMS4u Make me/Liar?/ Slumber PArty give me some ideas below
  9. @Louis_Tomlinson You made mine much better for sure.

  10. So basically it doesn't work
  11. Love it they only gave tribute to legends
  12. TJ was such a ham lmao! He was the dancing lip syncing the words on stage at her shows
  13. I liked PCD when I was little they were a bit different at that time. Nicole has a great voice and some bops but overall she is flopping. I don't find her annoying per se, just when she does the Britney voice. I mean we get it, you imitate her voice well, but you don't have to do this on every damn show.
  14. I don't like it tbh. Don't know why. I like It Ain't Me but this is just meh.
  15. The 2009'west side story promos were the best vmas promos imo
  16. aí vc vai e escuta heavy e o choro fica preso na garganta

  17. It works, but activation doesn't work Maybe that's because its beta version of app and not official Google Play stab version, who knows
  18. To me it's been boring for several years now.
  19. BUMP
  20. This year's mainstream pop music has been really boring, no one really delivered a strong album, so I bet the awards will be just as dull
  21. RT @JackJesseSpears: No celebrity after a breakdown like that has EVER suddenly, stood up, brushed themselves off & carried on as though no…

  22. Every year they use Britney to promote the show.
  23. Have you seen this? Sorry if AP. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/mtv-vmas-video-music-awards-teaser-1202501650/
  24. Yeah, I would be excited if this happened six months ago tbh.
  25. I want to believe she is working on a new song for the summer. Yeah, and then I woke up.
  26. Queen of hackers!! and of Viber.
  27. I've never seen this before. Love it!! Thanks for posting!!
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