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  2. Full Audio Listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/BritneyFanMixes/britney-spears-romantic-collection-2017-fanmade-megamix-full-audio/ Source For Audio Files: http://britneyspearsmedia.ru/audio/fanmade/britney-spears-romantic-collection-2017/ Full Complete Megamix Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8vvCBGseWA3aTdFZkJVS09IM0k Tracklist For Megamix And Then We Kiss (Junkie XL Remix) Baby Boy (Mard’s Acoustic Pleasure Remix) Blur Born To Make You Happy (Bonus Remix) Breathe On Me (Jacques Lu Cont Mix) Brightest Morning Star (Acoustic Mix by Nick & Country Club Martini Crew) Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) (Country Club Martini Crew) Coupure Électrique Criminal (Sebastian Acoustic Version) Don’t Cry E-Mail My Heart Everyday Everytime (The Ring Mix) From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart Hold On Tight (Acoustic by Nick & Country Club Martini Crew) I Will Still Love You (Duet With Don Philip) I’ll Never Stop Loving You (2009 Remaster) I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman (Country Club Martini Crew & Ni) Invitation Just Luv Me Let Go Luv The Hurt Away (Feat. Full Force) Make Me. (feat. G-Eazy) Man On The Moon (Country Club Martini Crew Acoustic Remix) Mood Ring My Baby (Rhytm Remix) Out From Under (DJ Saulinho JP Bitch Mix) Passenger (feat. Sia) (Acoustic Version) Perfume (The Dreaming Mix) Piece Of Me (Acoustic) Shadow Slumber Party Someday (I Will Understand) (Gota Remix) Sometimes State Of Grace Strangest Love (Remastered) Touch Of My Hand Welcome To Me (Gryves Remix) When I Found You Where Are You Now (Lite Remix Version)
  3. Today
  4. This member seeks for attention. Don't feed the troll. Oh and btw., thank you, andrewmelons, for sending me the 48 recording sessions by Britney.
  5. a once popular song didn't understand the hype back then
  6. THIS IS GOLD. https://t.co/hfTXOSw0Ai

  7. wut?!
  8. RT @KingMemeson: https://t.co/fs1s27k9ka

  9. I don't know if I have this one backed up or not
  10. I would sell my sweet & sour hole to every Las Vegas creeper for a chance to see Britney live again. Seeing as POM is ending soon, and who the hell knows if she's ever gonna tour again.
  11. Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary https://t.co/fT8jIZLgSy

  12. Probably because they're pretty awful. I don't understand how her pre-recorded vocals sound worse than her actual live vocals.
  13. this was a funny tweet y’all paid dust https://t.co/lBFCruRY0w

  14. Hi, check PM
  15. Does anyone know of any links that has the demos and etc? I would greatly appreciate ya!
  16. Olympics will be in LA in 2028 ? Well those are gonna be the most HIV positive, drugged up, alcohol loaded olympics ever... i'm sure Beyonce will be amazing at the opening ceremony
  17. A Apple tá super tentando transformar o iPhone em um Samsung/Motorola né assim n da

  18. RT @britneyspears: Sending my love to Mexico ❤️🇲🇽 #PrayForMexico #FuerzaMexico https://t.co/m0oYhRj4pp

  19. RT @DancingABC: Nikki Bella of @BellaTwins showed that ballroom who's boss! #DWTS https://t.co/HTg1bbY79p

  20. beyoncé will wear an outfit in the next month serving underboob realness and we will all gag, im speaking it into existence

  21. @AVioletLife September 2017 #subscriptionbox #unicorns https://t.co/23d3iNNqUU

  22. RT @forumpandlr: https://t.co/bAeuSLUGwl

  23. Yesterday
  24. RT @JustLuvSpears_: Britney out there nailing backflips like its 1998 at 34 almost 35 AND YOU?xx https://t.co/p4nqM8aYGp

  25. I really hope my @kandeejohnson x @TooFaced be deliver today but it’s most likely be extra 2-3 days wait https://t.co/aJkiLmsjLw

  26. Lmao y'all Mexicans are pussies

  27. Mi amor tan bella ☺️🙏 https://t.co/EwgtqC8llZ

  28. I really wonder why it seems like she lost her flexibility ease of movement. It seems to have been worse after femme fatale but now it looks like she's using the gymnastics and yoga to get it back. As long as she keeps it up she should keep improving.
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