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  1. Yesterday
  2. Circus Tour DVD

    It is a bit pricey, but so so well done, and he puts a bunch of work into it. I have ordered 3 things from him greatest hits private show dvd, piece of me combo cd and DVD (1.0.) And the box set he is working on now. Again, beautifully done.
  3. Why isn’t Donald Trump dead yet? He’s old & unhealthy. Take him, Lord.

  4. Wedding comming soon, babies..

    I don't think Britney's engaged either. People wear rings no matter their relationship status
  5. Wedding comming soon, babies..

    I doubt it.
  6. Soundboard audio of Britney: Live in Concert

    Yeah i understand why you think that. And i agree, but, it probably has to do with the vocal track. Remember the onyx hotel problem? When her vocal track was not playing.
  7. Britney phone case from 2001

    Lol this is cute. Reminds me of the phone I used when I was like 6
  8. Wedding comming soon, babies..

    I wear a silver ring on the same finger and I'm not engaged
  9. RT @dulcetbae: y’all be like i’m gonna drop out of school and be a stripper, but my sis said i’m gonna do both WOW I stan 🌟 https://t.co/z8…

  10. RT @MikeAdamOnAir: “Piece of Me”, the Las Vegas show starring #BritneySpears, has brought in $137M!!! It's the FOURTH highest grossing resi…

  11. RT @haldash: If the government's shutdown, does that mean restaurant workers are gonna go crazy not washing their hands after they use the…

  12. RT @tiredofrumors: Justin Timberlake release an album without subtly dissing Britney for publicity challenge https://t.co/FdxBeQWH6o

  13. Wedding comming soon, babies..

    Knowing Britney that could be a candy ring or some cheap souvenir she got on her trip
  14. @THESagerbomb What about my "a MOM?"🤣😲🙄😡

  15. Vi rendete conto che Nyle DiMarco esiste davvero mamma mia rendimi sordo muto e cieco toglimi tutti i sensi

  16. infelizmente acordado

  17. @WhiteyRob Iconic

  18. RT @emailmypussy: Not this bitch giving herself a 6 in her prime I... https://t.co/wrDPMAkXOU

  19. Tradelist

    Basically, I have a .FLAC file of the I Love Rock n' Roll (Karaoke) then everything went downhill fast
  20. Tradelist

    Im confused.....so you don't have it, or you have it and now doesnt need?
  21. Tradelist

    That's why I removed it from my tradelist
  22. Tradelist

    You can convert it sis Check PMs
  23. Soundboard audio of Britney: Live in Concert

    Well, I supposed it was exactly because of that, but I think we were saying that just because it's kinda annoying. IMO, one woud think, as I already said, that they wouldn't need it anymore after all these years.
  24. Tradelist

    That's not me? I'm so confused today
  25. Tradelist

  26. Wedding comming soon, babies..

    But now is that real
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